Solah Shringar ft Candere

Heyya Girlies! We all love dressing up. I love dressing up every now and then. I like it because it uplifts my mood and makes me happy instantly :D When dressing up on normal days is always good but dressing up on THE DAY is great! Being a Hindu, I love the whole idea of the wedding and the processes. There may be different cultures but there are certain things which are always the same be it in any part of India.
Hindu Mythology has defined 16 adornments for the bride and in true words it is called Solah Shringar.
There are 16 things which a bride may want to adorn during the wedding.
They are:

  1. Bridal Dress
  2. Hair Do
  3. Hair Accessories
  4. Tilak
  5. Vermillion
  6. Kohl
  7. Nose Pin
  8. Ear Rings
  9. Necklace
  10. Armbands
  11. Henna
  12. Bangles
  13. Finger Rings
  14. Waist Band
  15. Anklets & Toe Rings
  16. Scent

I am new to this section and I may get married soon this year and I am bound to know these. So, starting off with the saga.. the bridal dress is meant to the best ever attire for a woman and nothing can ever go wrong with. The hair do is again not in your hands but in your hair dresser’s. I am sure you might have tried the hairstyle at least thrice before the wedding.
But rest of the adornments are our choices and they show our taste.
Starting from head to toe, hair accessories are something you can work it out the way you want. Like the mangtikka can be selected depending upon your face type and hairline. You may choose something which would match with your outfit and the rest jewellery. Henna,Scent are something which are more of personal choice.

This is termed sacred and it is a symbol of wedlock.
No bridal is complete without the use of Kohl and Kohl just makes the eyes pop.
Nose Pin:
I think it is totally an option. Because, not every girl has a pierced nose and one cannot really get a pierce just for the day. But these days, you do get some artificial ones which can be stuck to the nose.
Ear Rings,Necklace,Bangles,Rings,Waist Band,Anklets:
I cannot think of any designs at the moment but we do have so many online websites that has too many varieties of designs in ear rings. I personally suggest Candere. I was awestruck when I got to see the designs on their website. Now I totally know where I should go for my wedding jewellery. I am totally drooling over their designer earrings..
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