Ariel Matic #WashBucketChallenge

OMG! It’s been more than a week that I posted a new blogpost. I have recently shifted my location and everything seems so incomplete. Doing every little work on my own is turning out to be a tiresome business. I am not staying with my parents as of now but I have my cousins around to irritate me to the core.
When I get to talk about the cousins, I have an younger brother who is not only very young but he is way too energetic. I can say hyperactive. He acts innocently and at the same time irritates me so much.
But how much ever we fight, we have one basic rule to follow. Help each other in the household works. Let it be cleaning the room, folding the clothes and many others but never washing the clothes part. I know the reason why.
Washing clothes is one such a task that takes all my energy and I need to wash them all multiple times before putting them into the washing machine. I have always wished for a washing powder that is specifically meant for the washing machine. The main problem with the washing machine is that, it cannot really clean the clothes completely and using a detergent is a must.
So, when I was offered the new Ariel  Matic Powder to try I was overwhelmed. I immediately tried it with my washing machine and boy, it did work wonders. I could see that this washing powder is meant for the washing machine and it cleans the clothes at one go and I didn’t really used a detergent cake before dropping the clothes into the washing machine. I am surprised with the results.
Now, the sharing has a new category between me and my brother. He #sharestheload without a second thought and I cannot thank Ariel for the super nice initiative and the amazing product.
Look at the way he posed with his share of load and happily accepted the #WashBucketChallenge
**This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at in association with Ariel India.

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