Miss Claire Lip Pencils-Review and Swatches

If I have to tell you that I found a cheap brand that delivers amazing results in my new location is the brand Miss Claire. I have seen many bloggers raving about the Miss Claire's Lip Creams which are known to be exact dupes of the coveted NYX Matte Lip Creams, so I am not really new to this brand. So, when I found these at a local beauty center, I couldn't stop myself but pick few.
Price and Quantity:
I have bought each one for 80INR - 100INR
I am unable to recollect the exact amount but I remember I paid something less than 100 but more than 80.
My Take:
These are amazingly pigmented and settle as matte finish. I have bought 4 of these.Carrot Red, Sense Red, Maroon and Kiss Rose. I have totally loved these colours and I think  they have at least 10 more shades to choose from. For the price, they are amazing in quality. I am using the Maroon one so much these days and I top it with a clear gloss for a glossy finish. They stay put for 4hours and they do stain the lips a bit. Availability can be a big issue but these days almost all the e-com sites are stocking these up, so you can grab few :)
The Swatches:
These are just the swatches taken with and without the flash. These are just a single swipe of the pencils. Can you see the pigmentation..
Overall, I am totally loving the combo of these lip pencils with my current favourite lipsticks. I am so happy that they do not make my lipstick go away soon. I love the fact that these are matte. The colours are loud enough to wear them alone or with a gloss. Given a chance, you can have them all and adorn your lip pencil collection :D

Solah Shringar ft Candere

Heyya Girlies! We all love dressing up. I love dressing up every now and then. I like it because it uplifts my mood and makes me happy instantly :D When dressing up on normal days is always good but dressing up on THE DAY is great! Being a Hindu, I love the whole idea of the wedding and the processes. There may be different cultures but there are certain things which are always the same be it in any part of India.
Hindu Mythology has defined 16 adornments for the bride and in true words it is called Solah Shringar.
There are 16 things which a bride may want to adorn during the wedding.
They are:

  1. Bridal Dress
  2. Hair Do
  3. Hair Accessories
  4. Tilak
  5. Vermillion
  6. Kohl
  7. Nose Pin
  8. Ear Rings
  9. Necklace
  10. Armbands
  11. Henna
  12. Bangles
  13. Finger Rings
  14. Waist Band
  15. Anklets & Toe Rings
  16. Scent

I am new to this section and I may get married soon this year and I am bound to know these. So, starting off with the saga.. the bridal dress is meant to the best ever attire for a woman and nothing can ever go wrong with. The hair do is again not in your hands but in your hair dresser’s. I am sure you might have tried the hairstyle at least thrice before the wedding.
But rest of the adornments are our choices and they show our taste.
Starting from head to toe, hair accessories are something you can work it out the way you want. Like the mangtikka can be selected depending upon your face type and hairline. You may choose something which would match with your outfit and the rest jewellery. Henna,Scent are something which are more of personal choice.

This is termed sacred and it is a symbol of wedlock.
No bridal is complete without the use of Kohl and Kohl just makes the eyes pop.
Nose Pin:
I think it is totally an option. Because, not every girl has a pierced nose and one cannot really get a pierce just for the day. But these days, you do get some artificial ones which can be stuck to the nose.
Ear Rings,Necklace,Bangles,Rings,Waist Band,Anklets:
I cannot think of any designs at the moment but we do have so many online websites that has too many varieties of designs in ear rings. I personally suggest Candere. I was awestruck when I got to see the designs on their website. Now I totally know where I should go for my wedding jewellery. I am totally drooling over their designer earrings..
Their Products comes with Insured free shipping, Jewelry Certifications and Lifetime exchange" and "The USP of the product is its bespoke international designs and it’s also available on EMI

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Crème in Deep Rose and Deep Earth-Review,Lip Swatches

To start off, you know how much I love the Matte lipsticks. I kind of get carried away by the name "matte" When Colorbar launched their very own matte lipsticks, I couldn't resist but picking these beauties up.
So what does the company claim about these:
An ultra-silky, virtually "weightless" texture that unveils unexpected moussy finish with impeccable high pigmentation color for high coverage effect.
These innovative combinations of ingredients give the formula special gliding consistency to coat lips with deep colors that have a matte, yet intensely bright effect.
Features and benefits:
Stays up to  8hrs
Weightless Emollient oils for an impalpable texture
Silicon Polymers for a mousse and Velvet Touch
Jellifying Agents for moisturisation
Texturing Powders for smooth application
Paraben Fee
Fragrance Free
Price and Quantity:
INR 675 for 6ml
These come in a glass tube with a silver twist cap. The applicator is perfect and it picks only the required amount of the product. However, the Deep Rose one doesn't stay normal. I mean whenever you want to use it and by the time you close it, the product comes out making the tube so messy. But the Deep Earth fit well.
More Pics of the Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme in Deep Rose and Deep Earth..I really liked the way they looked. :)

FAB BAG April 2015 Review-Nine to 9

FAB BAG! Every month we girls want to wait for a special treat from the FAB BAG Crew! Yes, I am talking about the monthly subscription box/bag that makes us smile every time we receive it. The Fab Bag selects the products that are meant for the person's skin and likes. I like that fact that they curate the bag depending upon one's requirement. Like every month,this time too they have sent the goodies in a super cute Zebra printed bag which is named as The Nine to 9 April Fab Bag!
More about Fab Bag: (in their own words)
At FAB BAG, we are beauty experts and addicts driven by our passion for high quality beauty products and delightful service. We recognize that our members are beauty enthusiastic women looking for great products that would work for their specific beauty needs and tastes, but do not have enough time, access or resources to try out and experience all that is available. We work hard in association with brands to select 3 amazing products exclusively customized for each member and send them in a delightful box to her doorstep every month, so that she never has to make the expensive mistake of buying products that do not work for her! We also advise members on how to make the best use of these products and keep them abreast of the latest beauty and fashion trends and insider know-how through our magazine.
So, without wasting time, let's get into the contents..
1.Chambor Geneva Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Body Mist - INR 595 for 20ml
Extracted from the fragrant gardens in spring time, this incredible mix of diverse notes will capture your imagination with every splash. With a burst of Green and Citrus notes, Mystique Magnolia easily becomes a journey through fragrances of Magnolia, Muguet and Aldehydic notes. All to leave you with the lingering allure of Musk and Woody notes.
My Take:
Franly, I didn't know these existed. I have checked their website only after receiving it in my fab bag and I am quietly surprised. This smells good and it is the right time for me to have this. Summers are really testing my patience and I am happy to have this one. I have got the sample sized product.
2.City Color Blush Quad - INR500
City Color brings back their classic blush quad in the five most popular shades, as demanded by the fans! Each shade comes with four colors placed in a gorgeous stripes, allowing you to swirl together for a customized glow.
How to use:
Use a round blush brush an lightly swirl all colors together. Lightly sweep onto cheekbones or apples of cheeks for a soft, glowing look. Pigmented color for easy application and build.
My Take:
OMG! This is so brilliant. I have heard about this brand before but never thought their products are such a hit. I have heard not so good reviews about their cheek stains but trust me, this is one blush you may want to have it in your handbag always. The colours are very nicely pigmented and I totally liked the blush quad. You have a choice of 4 blushes in one place.
Here is the swatch: I have swatched the darkest shade and upon blending this is how it looks.
3. Malavara Body Lotion and Shower Gel 
These are priced at 390 and 300 respectively for 60ml product.
Malavara body lotions do not contain Parabens or other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved.
Malavara body washes are derived from pure coconut and virgin olive oils, which contain both the essential fatty acids to strengthen, condition, nourish and soften skin as well as the antioxidants needed to improve skin elasticity. They are entirely free of SLS, Parabens and other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved
My Take:
I haven't used the body wash but it did smell great and perfect for summer. I have used the body lotion and the aroma is so intense and it lasts very long. I think on my hands, I could smell a bit even in the afternoon as well.
4.Denman Hair Brush - INR475
FreeFlow volumizing brush with 9 rows of widely spaced, smooth nylon pins set into a half round rubber pad to help create volume and movement in the hair for a softer, fuller look. Also ideal for detangling thicker, coarser hair types.
My Take:
Okay,so the theme and the bag matches but the comb? I mean, one can not live without a comb. Fab bag people did an amazing job by sending it in a separate box and thus it didn't damage at all. The comb looks promising and I think my hair likes it too. I have thin fine hair so, I am hoping this would help me in my bad hair days.
And here is the super pretty content card :)
So, there is a super cool contest of showing your April Fab Bag. Just use the tag #InMyFabBag on any of the social media channels and stand a chance to win a Flormar Revolution Lipstick.
So, this is about my April Fab Bag!! I really liked what all I got in my bag and I am looking forward to the next month's Fab Bag.
I know I am late but I have recently shifted my location and finding it really hard to blog on time. I hope you guys liked my Fab Bag and you can order yours here

**I have been given the product by the brand for review. However, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

Contouring & Highlighting Made Easy with #LakmeSchoolOfStyle for #fame

Girls Girls Girls.. Who are a fan of Kim Kardashian Makeup ? I can see many of you nodding heads in approval. But ever wondered how she got that super sculpted look and the way she highlights her features? Also, did you ever find her face chubby looking? well, no ! Her face always looks slim.
Anyway getting into the point, I am myself a huge fan of Kim K's Makeup and I cannot think of a single flaw. I have a round face and it looks more fat in pictures than reality. I found a technique to pose sideways to avoid it but I cannot stick to this trick always. So I thought of changing the way how my face looks and I then found out the terms “Contouring & Highlighting"
I wanted to know more on the technique and referred so many youtube videos but I feel every video has some sort of an issue that disappointed me at the end. It's like, most of the videos are done by the fair white skinned girls who's list of products or the steps seem not matching with my skin and requirements. Else, they use the makeup brands that are not available in Indian Market.
I was still in search of a good youtube video that is meant for Indian skintone and that use Indian Brands to create the look and I also wanted a video which is simple to understand and easy to achieve for beginners like me.

Through my search, I found a video that I feel it's truly meant for me and I feel so happy. The video consisted of the simple steps that can create a sculpted look using the Lakmè Face Makeup products. I must say that I truly enjoyed the video and I really loved her hair and eye makeup. Thanks Sahibba for making this amazing video look so easy to create.
The video was made by my favourite makeup brand Lakmè and they started with a series of makeup,fashion,hair and many more videos to help the girls like me and make things easy for us.
I couldn't stop myself but watch their other videos as well. I even loved their Hairstyles for Short hair which is again meant for me :D
Both the videos are made by the very famous Sahibba K. Anand who is a renowned blogger and in house vlogger for Lakmè School Of Style .
here is the video

About Lakmè School Of Style:
Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.

Give your hair an Olique makeover

I love my hair and want to nourish and pamper it as much as I can. When it is about choosing a hair care product, I always have my thinking cap on! Some key points to consider are - The product should be safe for my hair. It should not cause any allergy. It should not have any harmful chemical. It should not make false claims, so on and so forth. I am sure you too have similar concerns. Don’t you?
I always stay away from experimenting with my hair with new products. If a product is really good and trustworthy and meets my safety criteria, I do try it on my hair.  Olique hair oil is a new hair care product that claims to nourish and strengthen your hair. The reason I was attracted towards Olique is primarily due to its healthy ingredients which it claims are bound to turn broken and weak hair into beautiful and smooth hair minus the hair fall.

My Take:
Hair fall is a common problem for urban women like me, as we are regularly exposed to high pollution levels in metropolitan cities. The biggest problem is that we cannot stay indoors to protect ourselves from city pollution and we do not have time for trying traditional solutions to nourish our hair in a fast moving city life. I found relief in Olique Hair Oil as it has all plus points for me. It is safe to use on your hair, it is a scientifically tested solution, it nourishes and strengthens your hair, and also prevents hair fall. I know what my hair really wants.

My Top 10 Reasons For Selecting Olique Hair Oil
1. Convenient to use
2. Trusted product
3. Scientifically tested
4. No side effects
5. Starts acting fast
6. Available for purchase online
7. Let’s me style my hair
8. Repairs my hair
9. Nourishes my hair
10. Affordable

My Rating: 
Olique is convenient to buy from an online shop such as Flipkart and Snapdeal. The product has all advantages that one seeks in a hair care solution. It is safe for my hair and I trust the brand for its quality.
The only inconvenience I see is in the overnight application of the hair oil. The oil tends to stick to the pillow cover. Do not forget to wear a plastic cap while you sleep to protect oil from penetrating your bedsheet and pillows.
:)Overall, a good purchase decision. 

Ariel Matic #WashBucketChallenge

OMG! It’s been more than a week that I posted a new blogpost. I have recently shifted my location and everything seems so incomplete. Doing every little work on my own is turning out to be a tiresome business. I am not staying with my parents as of now but I have my cousins around to irritate me to the core.
When I get to talk about the cousins, I have an younger brother who is not only very young but he is way too energetic. I can say hyperactive. He acts innocently and at the same time irritates me so much.
But how much ever we fight, we have one basic rule to follow. Help each other in the household works. Let it be cleaning the room, folding the clothes and many others but never washing the clothes part. I know the reason why.
Washing clothes is one such a task that takes all my energy and I need to wash them all multiple times before putting them into the washing machine. I have always wished for a washing powder that is specifically meant for the washing machine. The main problem with the washing machine is that, it cannot really clean the clothes completely and using a detergent is a must.
So, when I was offered the new Ariel  Matic Powder to try I was overwhelmed. I immediately tried it with my washing machine and boy, it did work wonders. I could see that this washing powder is meant for the washing machine and it cleans the clothes at one go and I didn’t really used a detergent cake before dropping the clothes into the washing machine. I am surprised with the results.
Now, the sharing has a new category between me and my brother. He #sharestheload without a second thought and I cannot thank Ariel for the super nice initiative and the amazing product.
Look at the way he posed with his share of load and happily accepted the #WashBucketChallenge
**This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel India.

Lenskart Eye Popper Sale 11th to 14th of April

Whoa Whoa! We have known about the sale during December and July but don't you get excited when you have a sale just when you actually wanted? Yes! I am talking about the sun glasses and eye glasses which make us look cool in the hot summers. I have always been a fan of eye glasses and I am always up for a new frame to try on. I know the fact that one pair of glasses is just not enough and one frame is just too boring. But if given a chance to own few more glasses that add charishma to my eyewear collection and make me look even more fashionable and stylish,, I am IN for it!
I think the Lenskart guys heard us well and they came up with an amazing sale named as "EYE POPPER Sale!"
The sale starts from 11th of April to 14th of April and you can avail the eyeglasses at a discounted price and when I say discount, it is a whooping discount of upto 70% off
What you can watch out in this sale..
1. Flat 50% Off on Latest Eyeglasses 
There are so many eyeglasses to choose from and you get flat 50% off on the bill. This applies when you purchase of Rs 1500 & above
2. FLAT 70%  Off on Complete Eyeglasses
The eyeglasses that come with power lenses have the offer as flat 70%. to avail this, you may need the prescription.
3. Get Your First Frame Free
This was always there and this is one of the best ever offer throughout the website. You have the option of choosing your first frame from hundreds of frames and to add that the lens package start from just INR 799. Then you have the option of selecting your own preferred lenses like the power,anti-glare etc
4. Kodak Lenses worth Rs 2290
When you buy the eyeglasses.
5. Flat 35% Off on Power Sunglasses and FLAT 25% Off on Premium Brands
There are just a lot more brands to explore and check the flat 25% or 35% off on the overall amount.
6. Reading Eyeglasses at Rs 149 ONLY
Why wait..start filling up your cart..I have already added a new pair of glasses to my cart and waiting for the clock to tick faster :)

Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones-Picture Heavy Post

I do not have much introduction to this post as the title says it all.I did apply chapstick before applying each shade because my lips were crying for moisture.
The pictures were taken during the day without any flash. You might have already seen my previous post on Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks Review a while ago and now I am here to share my favorite MAC lipsticks which would flatter on all the Indian Skin tones. Or I must say, these are few MAC lipsticks which you may want to add to your lipstick collection.
See Sheer:
Beautiful lipstick that you will love if you are into corals. It is a lustre finish and that is what I like about this lipstick. Lustre is my favorite finish in MAC lipsticks because they apply sheer. They are very moisturizing and if you tend to have dry lips then these are the best way to go. Usually there is a notion that if the lipsticks are moisturizing then they don’t last on the lips for a long time and you most likely will have to reapply them frequently throughout the day. I totally agree with you but there is something different about this finish. They are moisturizing but not extremely shiny, pigmented but not opaque as other finishes from MAC, lasting but not long lasting as the mattes. This to me is a very complicated finish which I like a lot. Now if you are wondering if these are worth 16.00$ then I would say Yes and No. If you are new to makeup and are still trying out MAC and are not comfortable wearing full color pay off lipsticks then I would recommend this finish. But if you are someone who would not spend 16$ on a lipstick that is not even opaque then I would suggest going for cremesheen finish.
This color in particular is very summer, spring appropriate. This will suit any outfit that you choose to wear in summer or spring and looks great with neons too. Honestly you can wear this any time of the year if you want to. It does stain you lips little bit like you just had Fanta or kwality wall’s orange bar. (My favorite cold drink and ice cream by the way hehe.!!)

This is also a Lustre finish. This is a plum color and as it is sheer you can wear it to work. It might look scary in the tube but it is a lot better on the lips.

This is a matte finish lipstick. It is smoother to apply and it gives complete color pay off. It is also creamy but has no shine. Work appropriate and if you are of lighter skin tones then this will give you the 90’s lips that everyone is going crazy about these days. I am an NC44 and this gives me “my lips but a little brown” lips. I usually top it off with a beige lip gloss and that gives me my perfect nude lips.

Crème in your coffee:
Well, I don’t like coffee but I certainly like this one. It is a mauve shade and this lipstick will suit every skin tone. The lady at the MAC counter told me that this shade is very famous and sells out really fast. This is my go to shade to wear to school/college. This is just perfect pink mixed with perfect brown which makes it perfect for everyday (wink, wink). This is a cremesheen finish which is creamy, pigmented, lasts longer than lustre finish. If you want pigmentation and at the same time are looking for hydration then I would recommend this.

This is luster finish too (surprise surprise). It is pure brown, no pink undertone, no mauve undertone, no orange undertone, just brown. If you are darker than nc44 then this will be your hands down perfect nude. If you are lighter than nc44 then this will also make into 90’s grunge lips category and if you want that look than this will be a good choice.

Hug Me:
Lustre again…. I am sorry but this is my favorite finish. This is the lipstick that I keep in my purse and I don’t need a mirror to apply. I will repurchase this lipstick until they discontinue it. It is my lips in this lipstick and perfect for everyday especially if you are wearing soft eye kohl look. 

This is a Satin finish and satins are just like mattes but these are tiny bit creamier and a little bit shinier.  For lighter skin tones this is your Kylie Jenner lips in this tube but if you are of my skintone or even darker then this will make a very pretty pink lipstick. I tend to stay away from pinks but this is one that I don’t shy away from because this has undertones of brown mixed in it which is suitable for women of color.

This is my recent purchase and this is a satin as well. This my dear friends is an elegant plumish brown lips for medium to dark skin tones. Perfect if you are attending someone’s wedding or you if you want to wear a natural but still bold lipstick to office/work. This will look gorgeous if you have MAC’s all that glitters or naked lunch or any champagne gold eyeshadow on your lids. If I want to go for elegant look then this is the lipstick I go for.

Ruby Woo:
The very famous Ruby Woo. If you don’t own this then I suggest you open a new tab in your browser and order one immediately. There is no description required because this is an Indian women’s best friend. Blue based red which not only suits any skintone but also makes your teeth look white. This is a Retro Matte and is it known for its dryness. You have to moisturize and scrub your lips before you put this bad boy on. It is unforgiving if there are dry patches on the lips which obviously is not the flattering look that one would want. This can make or break your look, if you maintain your lips properly before you apply this then you will look like a diva, on the contrary if you don’t hydrate your lips then this will draw all the attention straight to the dry patches on the lips.

Flat Out Fabulous:
This is also a retro matte which means they stay on forever and your lips need to be prepared for that. This shade is a bright magenta which suits every skintone. This looks different on every skintone depending on the color of your lips. This comes off more magenta on me but on some people it looks vibrant pink, on some people it looks purple. I don’t have a perfect description for this lipstick but I do know that it looks pretty on every one.

Please remember that lipsticks look different on every skin tone depending on the color of the lips and when you go to the store and swatch them they will look washed out because of the lighting inside the store. So applying the lipstick to your lips instead of your hands is a good way to understand if you really like the lipstick or not. From personal experience, I advise you to never buy a lipstick unless you try it on your lips because I have wasted a lot of money by just looking at somebody on whom it looked pretty. Your lips are different they need special attention. 

About The Author:
The article is written by Sushmita, a makeup enthusiast,self taught and a foodie. She is based in USA.You can get in touch with her on her instagram account@princessmakeupdiary

The Nature's Co - Beauty Wish Box - March 2015

If I am the last one to show you guys what I got in my Beauty Wish Box of March, blame my poor network and some personal commitments (Hee!! My facebook friends know what's keeping me busy) Anyway,without further ado let me get into the post. So, this is a post related to the Beauty Boxes or you may call the monthly subscription boxes. This particular box is from the brand "The Nature's Co." Nature's Co is known for their all natural,cruelty free,vegan and environmental friendly products. The brand believes in goodness from the goodness and you can always expect goodness from their every single product.
So, what I got in my March Beauty Wish Box??
This month box is err a sling bag :D A beautiful Paris themed sling bag is what the Nature's Co guys sent me. The bag looks super pretty.
The products...
I have received the products in samples sizes and I am yet to try all of these. I have used the face wash and I really liked it. It didn't do any brightening stuff but it did made my skin appear clean which made me more than happy.
I have got two of these and I love body mists a lot at least in Summer. But unlike the other products, I wasn't really happy about these as I am not a fan of Jasmine and this body mist smells a bit strong to my liking and it stayed on forever which is a good thing but I only wish it came in a different scent.
I am totally looking forward to use this body lotion. It seems promising to me. I liked the tiny square bottle.
I am having very dry palms these days and my cuticles are hurting a bit.I am using a body lotion to my fingers as well which I feel is not giving them enough moisture.The product came in a tiny tub.I think this will last me for a week.So..let's wait
OMG!! I have used it and trust me, I am going to order all the other flavors in this. This is the full sized product and it has become my HG lip balm now. I can not step out of my house without this. That's how much I liked this.
7. Nail Polish and Gift Voucher from Chamki Nail Paints.
I don't know  if I liked it or not. The colour is a pink shade with a pearl finish. That's not my type. But since it is an additional goodie, I am cool with it to take some place in my Nail Polish Box.

The Gift Voucher is only applicable on visiting the store and the store is in Bangalore :( I feel so bad for this 35% off voucher as I do not see any possibility of me visiting Bangalore in near future.
Awww... The Additional Goodies.
These are just perfect! The emergency saviors. Only a girl can understand the importance of having a hair tie and safety pin in her kitty. Thanks guys! So thoughtful.

Overall, these are the contents of the Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box March - 9 to 5 Edition
The Nature’s Co.  says, “Indulge in our Beauty Wish Box Deluxe Sized 6 Beauty Samples in different dedicated theme every month delivered to your Doorstep. Also get * Free Vouchers *Free Gifts from top Brands & Lots More !!!”
Subscription Price:
Rs.595/- for 1 month
Rs.1645/- for 3 months
Rs.3215/- for 6 months
Rs.5950/- for 12 months
For more info about it check this site link : http://www.thenaturesco.com/Subcategory/beautywish-subscription/beauty-wish-box.aspx

Overall, I totally loved the March Month Box! I can not wait to see what they are going to include in April Box.

**The box was provided by the brand for consideration. However, my review is honest and unbiased,