Wrist Watches You Should Own in 2015

Any outfit is incomplete without the proper combination of accessories. If I ask you guys, what is your most favorite accessory of the lot you may find it difficult answer. But if I ask you what is the one accessory that you do not leave home without? I am sure, 90% of you say the WATCH! Well, that’s how much people love their watches. A watch does occupy a special place in everybody’s wardrobe for various reasons like it might be a gift from the loved ones or I would have spent a lot on owning that particular watch and so on.

We now talk about some current trends in the wrist watches. You may want to own them this year.
For Men:
Gone are the days that the watch must have the leather strap. Bling rules this year and hence the metallic frames took the market by storm. Be it a designer brand or a high end brand, the watch is made of metallic straps especially gold, black and silver alloys. Jet black is not a great choice but men can go for the gun metal to make the statement. The dial is meant to be big and the watch is to be chronographic which is super cool and vintage looking.

For Women:

Few are the options for guys but for girls, the options are numerous. This property applies when it comes to watches as well.  We girls are always on a look out for the best in everything we wear and watches does play a major role in defining our style. But for 2015, the watch you may have to own is the Rose Gold Watch. Rose gold is one gorgeous shade of gold which makes the accessory looks chic and elegant at the same time. The watch can be of any type, be it the bangle, metallic strapped watch ,a cuff style watch or a bracelet style watch. Just choose the best that suits your preference.

There are many more Elite Watches in the market and all you have to do is to hunt the best one to adorn your hand.


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