Starting A New Life is Never Easy #StartANewLife

Hey Guys.. Happy Tuesday. Well not only today, but I always wish people saying “Hello, Happy *that week day !” I know it kind of sound a bit lame but I feel it sounds so positive that instantly brightens up the day whichever the day it is.
This kind of attitude never really comes that easily. Atleast I feel so. I have my own explanations to say that I am a bundle of happiness. LOL. Self boasting much??
Coming to my little known history, I was born and brought up in Hyderabad till I was 21. I was so attached to my family,friends,the locality. Everybody recognizes me and everybody knows me and I know them too. It is like the perfect place for a girl to grow up and live.
I got placed in an MNC right after my college and I had to move out of Hyderabad. Little did I know about the place I am going to set my foot on. Well,I was relocated to Odisha. Frankly, I have known the place only in books and nothing really excited me at all.
The day has come and I am supposed to travel. I couldn’t get the flight tickets so I had to travel by Train. 21hours of journey only made me more weak and hopeless. Being a Hyderabadi, I didn’t known fluent Hindi/Urdu to talk. This factor made me go crazy because I didn’t know how to talk Odiya,Hindi or anything else, except my mother tongue and English. The whole thought gave me a nightmare.
The first month went on real bad. Like REALLY BAD! I didn’t have friends around me to share my grief. I didn’t have much work which I thought would divert my loneliness. I didn’t have people to talk in my mother tongue. Lol I know it sounds crazy but I had this issue.
I always used to call up my family and spend hours talking and sharing total shit. I thank them for bearing me all that while. The phone bill popped to be a whooping 2800 INR 
Later, I have realized that even if I cry, even if I smile I am meant to live there at least for an year. So, I made up my mind. I started focusing on things which made me feel good. I have never been to a gym before. I wanted to join gym because I know it will tire my body so that I can sleep early(Yeah,I couldn’t sleep properly because of loneliness) Once I hit the gym, I could meet a bunch of people who are almost like minded. I couldn’t stop being happy. I started roaming around places. Tried Odisha’s authentic food. I have started learning Odiya and I could communicate with people there. After learning it for a while, I have been told that Bengali and Assamese is almost the same and I focused a bit more.
After an year, I was given my relocation back to Hyderabad and all I could say is thanks! Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone as it made me more strong, physically and mentally. I gave up my old life style which was so lame but now I smile. I am confident enough to face the world.
One Such attempt is the #MeetTheNewHousing with

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  1. this is really inspiring, glad you were able to turn your experience into something positive :)

    xx danielle //


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