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Whoa! I can't believe that it was already two weeks that I got my first ever body massage done and I can not get over that feeling. I am basically a very busy person and I can not really fetch so much time for my body :P but this time, I just gave an excuse as I got my week off and I wasn't having much work so, I gave a go ahead to my visit to the Spa. The place I visited for my pampering was "Spa La Vie by L'occitane"
Before going in the tour of the spa and more about my experience, first let's get to know about the Spa.
A glimpse of SPA LA VIE:
Welcome to a 10,000 sqft Mediterranean Wellness Sanctuary nestled in the heart of Jubilee Hills. Come escape to our Nature ensconced Lounge before or after your treatment, indulge in Provencal inspired rituals in our opulent treatment rooms, pamper the body and the face with our Shea from Burkina Faso and Immortelle from Corsica , enjoy well-being soaking ceremonies in free standing Bathtubs in every treatment room, feel refreshed in your private steam chamber after a revitalizing signature aromachologie massage, spend soulful moments in our oversized VIP Couple’s Suites, host an intimate Spa Soiree with your friends and embrace freshness with our Spa terrace surrounded by 20ft tall trees on one side and overlooking the Golconda fort on the other. Live the Spa life. live Spa la Vie by L'OCCITANE.
An Extension of the L’OCCITANE BRAND
Every gesture, every ingredient, every ritual is drawn from a page of the L’OCCITANE grand herbarium, a resource of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients. The escape begins with scent. From the moment you enter a L’OCCITANE Spa, the fragrances transport you to Provence. Prior to your treatment, you are greeted with a “Welcome Ritual”. Your experience then takes you on a true olfactory journey, sequenced at every step by soothing or energizing aromas.The voyage of the senses continues through gestures, sensorial textures, relaxing music and the herbal teas inspired by Provencal traditions. The Spa is a natural extension of our brand. In respect for authenticity, we always prefer hand-performed treatments over machines and traditional massage techniques over technologies. Just as the Provence is a unique resting place, Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE is a sanctuary of tranquillity rejuvenating your body and soul.
My Experience:
The Spa La Vie is located at the center of the city, ie at Apollo Life Center,Jubilee Hills. From my place it took rough 15 minutes to reach the Life Center. I was greeted by the store manager, Shekar Pathak with a warm smile and took me to the lounge area. I was offered the welcome drink which is a herbal tea made of lime juice,honey,ginger. I couldn't say no and that was very refreshing.Then the masseuse came up to me and removed my shoes and gave me a pair of bamboo slippers which made me feel a relaxed and the actual spa feel like. Then Shekar gave me a form to fill that had a mini questionnaire regarding our body,skin. The questionnaire consisted of questions related to my skin type,the skincare I follow,my problem areas, sensitivity etc. I have mentioned there that I kind of get back pain at times and foot hurts too because of the excessive use of high heels. Then, he asked me to get the treatment. The masseuse escorted me to a room meant for my spa session. It was named "Angelica". As soon as she took me in, she gave me the bath robe to get changed and a haircap. The room had a closet to hang in my clothes and super cute looking jewelry box. She also read out the answers I gave in the form before and she said she would go ahead with the massage according to my preference.

As I changed into the bathrobe, she gave me a quick foot massage which made my feet more relaxed. My preference matched the service, Relaxing Aromachologie Massage. Relaxing Aromachologie is a mix of Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage techniques come together to stimulate circulation and ease tensions. I was given a good 50-60 minute massage using the products by L'Occitane. The masseuse kept asking me if I was comfortable with the pressure and strokes.I can not forget the spell of the pillow spray and I am sorry to say that I hardly remember what products she exactly used as I was too sleepy and in fact, I dozed off in between. I did take the picture of the products,so watch out.

I was taken to a whole different world and I can not ask for more. I can see myself coming here for their Immortelle Facial real soon. After the amazing spa session, the manager took me along for the Spa tour and that's when I clicked the pictures. I was also given two vouchers worth INR1000 to redeem in my next visit.Can you already see that my visit to Spa La Vie is on the cards.?
The Aromachologie Relaxing Aromachologie Massage costs INR 3250 and lasts for 60 minutes. I would say, that it is worth the money and priced well for the service.
You can know more about the Spa La Vie here 
You can follow them on their Twitter handle for regular updates @luvofspa
And you can see all the spa tour and more pictures below.

I was offered the service by the brand. However, it didn't affect my opinion.

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