My Story of Optimism #lookup

Life is full of new opportunities and new challenges. Everybody has a side to them which was only shown to their loved ones and not to everybody. I feel everybody has their difficulties in their life and I feel that they just need to learn from their bad experiences and face life with hope and optimism. I am no special. I had my troubles and had my joys.
I would like to share one such moment with you people.
This was an incident that happened few years back. I was in my engineering final year and preparing for my campus placements. 3 Idiots wasn't made by that time but trust me, when I saw that movie,I couldn't stop relating the movie scenes with my life's incidents. Especially the campus placements..Life is a race blah blah.
So, during the month of February, I had the written exam for an MNC. I worked real hard and trust me, I have solved all the analytic tests books available in the market. I didn't know why I couldn't clear that round. But I was really a bright student and I couldn't take the rejection in a positive way. I shut myself in a room that whole day and couldn't sleep at all.
That's when my best friend came to the rescue. She called me and I told her the scene and then switched off my mobile. The next day she came to my place and was trying to console me in all the possible ways.
That evening she gave me a book full of practice materials. She only said me that,"Practice these papers again, you have another company visiting in 20 days."
I lost my confidence but she kept on bugging me everyday if I solved the exercises. She was so keen in checking me out and I had to do the exercises if not for me but for her.
After few days, the next company arranged the test, I could crack it in less than half of the time and I was called for the personal interview. Before facing the panel, I called up HER to say that I cleared the exam. She said, "Clearing the written test is a task. You did it. HR round will be a cakewalk for you. Be confident and All the best"
As expected I got through the interview and placed in that MNC as a software engineer.
Never knew that she would help me so much in my career. I can't thank her enough. I owe my life to her.
Now you might wonder who she might be, she is none other than my Mamma :D
No one can inspire me like her. Whatever I am, that's because she filled my brain with optimism and motivation.

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  1. same story... my bestie and me helped each other to get through the storm.. and are finally placed in same organization.. so Happy


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