Micro Derm Abration in India-What,How,After Care,My Experience

Okay guys let's face it. We all love to look good and feel good about ourselves. I know not everyone of us are lucky to have perfect skin. Most of the Indian women are naturally have beautiful skin and few may have some difficulties with the skin type and acne. I do not say that it is a problem or something which is unusual. But it just hides our already beautiful skin. I do not shy away to admit the fact that I am a South Indian and I am dusky and my skin is acne prone. I do not say that I have very severe acne(atleast not now) I do get pimples every now and then and my skin is never clear without a blemish. It means, I always had a mark,an acne scar or a blemish.
During my fight to get back my clear skin I came across the chemical peeling,MDA,PRP etc. I have got myself a Chemical Peel two months back.(Do let me know if you want to know about my experience with the chemical peeling) Today, I just had my first MDA.
PRP is not my cup of tea as I am super scared of blood and anything related to injecting something into the body. I have Trypanophobia. I can not imagine myself letting something getting directly into my skin/body.
I am not going to talk about it here but I would like to share my experience with Micro Derm Abration.
Before getting in detail..
Micro Derma Abration in India-What,How,After Care,My Experience
What is MDA aka MicroDermAbration:
Microdermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny particles to buff away the top most layer of skin.It can be done in anyway and most of the high-class spa/salons use this method of exfoliation. But the best method would be getting the procedure done by a certified cosmetologist/dermatologist. I got it done in a clinic and my doctor is an MBBS and specialized in Dermatology. I could trust her completely.
How is Micro Derm Abration performed:
Basically our skin consists of two layers. Dermis and Epidermis. Epidermis is the top most layer of the skin and that's where the MDA process targets. It takes away the dead skin cells that present on this layer and stimulate the cells to regrow and resulting in a better skin texture. It also helps in reducing the appearance of pores and shrinks the acne scars. Yes, it works depending upon the size of the scar and other factors.
My Experience:
Before starting the process, my skin was double cleansed. After that, using the MDA machine, a tube like device filled with very tiny grain like particles she started to work on my face in some designated motion. I have asked her what are the grains made of, she said Aluminium Oxide crystals. The device uses the vacuum to suck in the dead skin while the grains takeaway the dead skin cells. It doesn't hurt at all during the process. She did it for some 30minutes and later on she again cleansed the face. She put a Korean Hydrating mask for 20minutes. That's it. The process was done.
After Care:
I am asked not to go out in the Sun and also she gave me a medicated sunscreen gel and a night cream.
What to Expect from MDA?
1. Your skin may turn red and it may hurt a bit after the process. But that goes away in an hour or so.
2. Your skin is meant to be taken care of for the next ten days at least. Not going in the Sun helps. If you must go,please wear a scarf and a Sunscreen.
3. A single sitting of Micro Dermabration will help you even out the skintone,improve skin texture,reduces fine lines,if at all any tiny scars can be treated too.
Overall, I feel it is a simple skin treatment that is over hyped for side effects and pain. But reality is much different.
I would add my BEFORE and AFTER pictures may be after 2 weeks from now. Watch out for the updated blogpost.
For more information, you can check this article here and check the video below.
I am not related/sponsored to the links present. I have only added them to give you a detailed explanation. All the experience provided was my own and I paid the doctor to get the service done and I am no where suggesting you to get the process done. But I only described my view and my experience.

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