I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E

Heyy People! This post is something very special as I tried getting back to my past memory lane. The First Time craziness. Yes, I still remember almost every little thing that I did for the first time. But I cannot really say that they were the best moments. However, it is a fact that they were the best experiences of my life. The very first Barbie doll that my mom bought me for my birthday and the way I played with it in my dollhouse. I remember the first time I drove my bike without even knowing how to drive. Sounds crazy eh? I have learnt bike riding all by myself. I remember my first crush with whom I couldn't even talk for once. I remember my first phone that was gifted by my dad when I joined the college.
It was the pink Moto RAZR. It looked super duper cute and just so stylish flip phone in my tiny hands. I didn't know how to use it because all I knew about a phone is that it is meant for calling people. I was overwhelmed when I started using it. It had the fancy keypad that blinks according to the notification. It used to say,”Hello Moto!” when it turned on/off. It had the MP3,FM,a Camera and all the extravagant features that made me go crazy. I was overwhelmed with the phone’s features.

But a good change is always meant to be adapted. If a change is revolutionary to make our living better, no wonder we are ready to welcome it.
Here the change is the New Smartphone from my favorite and very first mobile phone brand,”Motorola”. It is the Moto E to make our life easier on the move.
As a blogger, I would love to own Moto E in my life. I can say a million reasons on why I need this but right now, I want to put forth 3 main things I would like to start with Moto E.
1. The 4G 
I always use the internet for the very minute things and a slow network is definitely a no no. I heard about 3G and I did experience the difference between the 3G and the normal mobile internet. 3G just ruled down. But now I get to experience 4G which is way too overwhelming to me and can’t wait to experience the fastest internet in my hands.2. Battery Life
Ever struck in traffic or had to work late and your phone just dead with no charge? Well, I kind of experience it every now and then. I totally understand that being an independent girl, I should take care of things myself especially when I am travelling alone. You never know when you may have to call up your dad.
3. Faster processor and even better quick responses
I cannot sit on just one application and wait for it to process and then start working on another app. I am a busy girl and having a phone that has the whooping 1.2GHz that works the best and gives out the quickest responses. Also when I knew that Moto E runs on the latest android version ie Lollipop(Yup, I know all the latest techy news.I am a technology freak) I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.
4. The Camera
A beauty blogger and a Selfie Addict. I only described myself and I can’t stop clicking my pictures every day. Self Obsessed I know.  Having two cameras in a single phone that means,one shot two birds. I can take my selfies, I can talk to my friends through video calling, who knows, I can become a great photographer one day because the 5mp camera can make anybody to take up the photography as a hobby.
5. The Social Media 
Human Beings are social animals and I couldn’t agree more on this. Everyday our life starts and ends with the social media. If we find something good, we share it on Facebook or Twitter. If we are frustrated and if we are in need of a platform to share our feelings, we have the social media. I think one cannot just get away without the social media. You can watch the movies whenever you feel like. You can make yourself feel better. As a blogger, I can BLOG anywhere,anytime!
6. Online Shopping/Paying Bills
We have almost all the e-commerce sites creating their own app to make the shopping easier. Just a click away and the product reaches your doorstep. Also, we now have the option of paying our electricity bills, telephone bills and every other BILL.
Last but not the LEAST!
We need not spend a bomb to own the Super cool Moto E ! How cool is that ?
Know more about the phone here : http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

Given a chance to own the Moto E , how will you #ChooseToStart ?

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