Happiness is..

YAY! My old jeans fit me!! So, if this makes me happy, do you think it’s weird or you just agree that yes, it can make me happy?
So, I am known for being happy for small things. Okay, not necessarily small things because a diamond necklace can make my day too :D please feel free to send in your gifts anytime of the year and you can consider making it double on my birthday ie the Valentine’s day.
Since my childhood, I remember that I was the happiest girl ever! I felt happy when my dad took me the nearest panipuri center and fed  my first golgappa. I think I was in class 5. I know I didn’t like the taste at first but then slowly I was addicted to it.
When I can list out few things that can make me smile, I don’t know about others who can pen down their top 5 or top 10 but for me, it is an infinite number. I smile a lot and I do not care about the slowly developing laugh lines on my face. But I am quite determined to list the things that make me happy.
1.When my hair listens to me.
I have straight silky hair and its fine. Whenever there is an important day in my life say, my interview or a friend’s wedding my hair ditches me. Only I can understand the pain of not having a good hair day. But recently I have smoothened my hair and I am using a proper hair care routine which made my hair superhot and it listens to me every time I want.
2.Getting a lipstick.
I was a tomboy and never into makeup. But in 2012-13 I encountered a blog and I had to check others and slowly developed my interest towards makeup especially the lipstick. I never knew which one suited me or which one I liked but I picked up a mauve shade from Maybelline worth 220 INR and I never stopped there. I was happy when I got my hands on the very first lipstick of my life and I am still happy adding few more. Almost every week I add at least one lipstick to my lipstick case.
3.Waking up with clear skin.
I have battled with acne all my teenage and I cannot stop admiring my skin’s condition now. It is clear bright and acne-free. I always used to request god that I shouldn’t wake up to see a pimple but he never granted my wish until recently. Now  I am happy and I know it is my very first factor to face my day with a smile.
I am #happy
Just how the Coca-Cola makes us happy


  1. Awww such a cute post, made me smile, thank you!

  2. Are they still available?

  3. could u plz temme which brand is the lipcolour in the 4th picture and the 5th product...its litrarly in the center(the red one with the box black packaging) and plz tell me the price too


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