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Waking up with this statement almost every other day on Facebook made me lose all my leftover hope and quit. I started an online jewelry store based Facebook page. I am a blogger, so I thought the business might go quite good. My business curve ramped up at the start, even at center and then the never ending mitigation. I didn't understand what to be done next and I was hoping to taste success one day. I have always been a positive thinker but once in a while, I fail to be one.
I usually read this quote to gain my strength.But I felt even those lines lost the ability to boost my confidence. On a Sunday afternoon, while I am on the verge of closing my business, I started cleaning up shelves to make a final account of my sales.
Suddenly, I found a pink book with numerous pictures of my best friend, Reeti and me, in one of the fully jewelry stuffed shelves. It took me to the good old childhood days. She has the magic to change my every frown to a smile. She lived in my happy memories and sad regrets. She accepted my every decision and supported when I was right and corrected me when I was wrong. I used to share every single thought with her. Be it a homework problem, exam tension, crush issue, what not. But as time flew, we parted our ways and we never really had a ‘real talk’ since years.
I sent her a formal ‘Hi!’ and she said ‘Let’s catch up! ’.  She can still read my mind, I smiled. That’s how we went to a coffee shop in the evening. We started talking about everything and nothing which happened in these years.  I never wanted to share my business trauma with her as I felt it’s a petty issue until she said “ab tho bathadhe! Boyfriend problem?” I startled and poured my heart out.
She listened to me patiently and said a quote. “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started”.
That question made me to remember all the enthusiasm I had while starting this business, that proud feeling when I used to acknowledge me as an entrepreneur, feeling hopeful even when there is little or no business in a day. She said, “The key to business is patience and one must never lose faith. Success is not confined to time frame. Give your best and hope for the best. Take a step further and think out of the box.” She not only boosted up my confidence but also gave me ideas to give a second beginning. She also gifted me a life changing book, Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Her words were like website pages that I want to bookmark. They filled me with optimism and lifted my head high.
On my way back, I was out of all chaos and new ideas and fresh thoughts circled in my head. My thoughts of quitting were replaced with ideas to develop my business. I unveiled my hidden entrepreneur and logged in my online business store and posted – “Back with a bang!”.  Now, I am a happy and I am trying with optimism and always thank and still approach my BFF in both good times and very good times. *chuckles*
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  1. I'm so agree with you - having real friend is very important! Btw, congrats on your business :)

  2. they are so beautiful! it's a pity that we haven't prom in Italy!


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