Add colour to your wardrobe with stylish tops

Summers are here! It is the time of the year when you find all the reasons to get the cotton clothes out of your closet and style them with your ripped jeans. Well Well Well I know we all love wearing short skirts and gowns for summers but we find ourselves reach out for some cool tops to pair with the jeans/shorts. The reasons can be many but a top is the most favorite piece of clothing for many girls.
We get to have many options when we get to shop for some cool tops. Be it the branded or thrifted, we never leave the tops that make us look good. These days, the online shopping took us by storm and I see myself buying more than required number of tops just when I noticed the rise in temperature.
When the topic comes to choose which top is the best, I am kind of totally speechless, because every girl has her own preference. I would like to point out some must have tops that every girl should own.

A white top:
A white top is a must have for every girl/woman. It can make us look classy, elegant and cute at the same time. A well fitted white top is the best when it comes to the special occasions in every girl’s routine be it a meeting, an interview or a date lol
A Lace top/A black top:

If you are in a mood to look fabulous and chic, a black top is the way to go! You can never go wrong with a lacey black top. A girl in a black top is known to be bold and confident. Why wait, go and grab a black top for yourself.
A floral top: 

Can you notice the cuteness already? Well, a floral top is the best when it comes to summer, spring, autumn and winter. Did I say all the season names? Yes, I did. I wanted to convey the fact that a floral top is always an awesome choice to wear.
These are just a few Cool Tops I have picked and you can add many other tops to your wardrobe.

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