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Achieving the maintaining the perfect complexion is something which most women strive for. There are two main factors to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion. The clever and correct application of foundation, concealers etc can help to achieve the perfect look a makeup airbrush kit is perfect for this job but achieving the best results starts on the inside. If you have a clear, bright complexion then you won’t need to cover it with makeup to make you look and feel good – just the minimum amount will suffice.
Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect complexion starting from the inside:
1.Look after yourself
The skin is the largest organ in the body and if you don’t take good care of your body as a whole then it will show through in your skin. Some real “no-no’s” include drinking too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, eating lots of processed foods and over exposure to the sun. Cut down on these things and you should see a difference already.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion

2.You are what you eat
and what you drink. Follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water every day. If the skin gets dried out it will increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines so make sure that you have a plentiful intake of fresh water daily? This will also help to flush any impurities from your body.  You should also eat a colorful diet – vegetables of different colors have different nutrients so you can rest assured that a nice colorful salad with green leaves, red tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, orange carrots and white celery will have a great variety of goodness for your body on the whole – vital for your health.
3.Get plenty of sleep
A good night’s sleep can help to take years off the complexion so make sure that you get plenty of beauty sleep.  You should aim for a minimum of 8 hours per night, some people only feel suitably rested after 9 or 10. Listen to your body clock and work around it.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
4.Get plenty of fresh air and exercise
Not only does exercise help to tone up the rest of your body, it works wonders for your complexion too.  This is because it helps with the circulation which increases the oxygen content within the body and helps to speed up the detox for your skin.
5 – Make sure that you cleanse then moisturize your skin every day
Get into this good habit, even when you are incredibly tired or in a hurry. It doesn’t take long and can make a big difference to your complexion.  Don’t be tempted to go to sleep with your makeup on – that’s a bad habit to get into. Remove your makeup every night.
6 – You should also exfoliate regularly
Around once or twice weekly depending upon the product you choose.  This helps to remove the dead skin cells from your complexion which can leave you looking drab, gray and dull. Exfoliate and let the natural beautiful skin below shine through.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
One of the problems people have who are not confident with their complexion is that they have a tendency to wear a lot of makeup to hide their imperfections. Unfortunately if you don’t choose the right makeup and remove it properly every night then your complexion can suffer from that too. It’s much better to try to start with a clear, glowing canvas for your beauty to shine through.

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