Important Update Regarding

Hey Guys
This is to inform you that I am no longer taking up the responsibility of my blog
I have already transferred the ownership to 2 of my very loyal friends who will handle getsetblush's Posts and social media.

However, I am not really out of the picture but I will be moderating things from time to time.
I have my very personal issues and I am unable to focus on the blog.
If things seem better and by God's grace I may get back but with little less probability.
Still, people can contact me and all the pending reviews will be published from tomorrow.
Stay in touch.
Please show some love.

**All I need is some Mental Strength and Stability **


  1. I hope you are ok. I wish you all the best of luck with watever you are going through right now. I will be thinking of you and I hope that everything will be allright.

  2. Take care apoorva and no matter what, nothing is permanent be strong :)
    In the end it all will be good for sure :)


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