All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review

If you are not aware on how I usually review a perfume, you can check this post Unlike my previous perfume review, this is a biit unique. This is a perfume that is meant for MEN. I know this may sound weird but reviewing a perfume by testing it on my dad was not an easy task for me. LOL. I kept bugging my dad to use this perfume instead of his usual one..asked him how it smelled first and then called him in the afternoon to check if he liked the smell and finally in the evening once he is back ,I used to check if the perfume is still lingering around. The whole drama lasted for a week and almost after few weeks, I am penning down a review of the first review of a Men's Perfume on my blog
A little about
Much like musical notes make up a song fragrance notes are necessary to make a perfume. Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume's fragrant accord. All Good Scents has based its LOGO on this pertinent allegory of the perfume world- The Perfume Pyramid.
If you are not familiar with the term, The Perfume Pyramid..
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All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
Price and Quantity:
990 INR for 50ml   You can buy it here
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
About the Perfume:
ARISE - for the mystery man
A sharp, mysterious fragrance that makes a statement as powerful as you. Along with the freshness of citrus, this mysterious scent gets everyone irresistibly drawn towards you. 
Arise and demand the respect you deserve.
Top Notes
Orange, Grapefruit, Pepper
Heart Notes
Patchouli, Rose Bay, Geranium Leaves
Base Notes
Benzoin, Vetiver, Atlas cedar
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
My Take:
This is purely not my review but mostly my dad's words :D You see, when people help me out in reducing my work, I love it. Okay coming to the review.. My dad really liked the classy package. The leather cap is just made the bottle look more manly. The bottle is made of glass and not very travel friendly. You have to be extra careful while carrying it around. The bottle has the name of the brand and perfume name printed on one side and the other side is left plain which is actually a good idea.
The smell is a bit hard at first sniff. Later on it subdues and as the time pass by, the smell is good. The main smell I could smell was Vativer and Atlas Cedar. Okay, my dad has a perfume with Atlas Cedar being one of the ingredient. So I could smell that clearly.
You really need a very tiny amount, a very light pump of the perfume is good for the whole day.
On day one, my dad accidentally wore a little more amount of perfume which actually made him suffocated while he is in car. He had to bear that almost 3/4th of the day. But from the next day, he used the perfume with a very light hand which made the perfume set right and he liked it this way. Not really sure if everybody likes this way but that's how my dad liked.
My Rating:
Final Words:
When I asked my dad to describe the perfume in a sentence, he said "This is good at first and later turns out to be more good and more likable"
**The product was sent by the brand for consideration. However, my review is honest and unbiased.

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