Thinking Will Not Overcome FEAR but Action Will #RiseAboveFear

I know it when my mom warns me to stay safe every day. But I said Yes! I do have fear but at the same time, I consider myself as fearless.
Being a girl, I do not say it is easy to handle the whole drama in our every day life. I do not want to quote any major things that happened in my life but I want to share a thing which really scared me to death and how I surpassed my fear.
FEAR basically is a very tiny word which is being used since our childhood. When you were a kid,your mother would ask you to eat your food properly else a bad man would come and take you away. I know citing this here is lame but I wanted to tell you how people are attached to this feeling called "fear"
If FEAR is considered as a acronym, it can be described in two ways "Forget Everything And Run" or "Face Everything And Rise"
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I am not AFRAID ! I went through sh*t and I know how it feels like it be a victim. I am not very young but not too old either. But I experienced very serious issues that tested my capability of living this life.
I would like to keep this post a bit more motivating with my one of my experience.
Take 1:
This happened in November 2010
I was never afraid of water and I always enjoyed my time when I got the chance to play some water sports etc.I live in Hyderabad, we do not have a beach and I always wanted to enjoy the beach,the sea water and beach sands. That day has come when I got my posting in Bhubaneswar and I got a chance to visit the Puri Beach. Wow! It was a feeling that I can not explain in words and I just went  into the sea. I was happy,laughing and playing around and suddenly something happened. I was drawn into the water by a tidal wave. That was a full moon day and the tides were high, I didn't know this and I was taken into the water. I couldn't see anything, I couldn't breathe and I thought that day would be the last day of my life. But somebody got hold of my ankle and in few minutes I was taken to the shore and just like in movies people were all around me rubbing my feet,palm and some lady was pressing my tummy real hard. I recovered from the shock.
I know not a big thing but that day, I got to name myself a Hydrophobic. Yes! I was a hydrophobic.
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Take 2:
In 2013
After a really long time, I had a chance to join the swimming classes at work. I wanted to overcome the fear of water and I joined the course. A month I suffered. I never used to go deep into the water. I always used to practice in 3-4 foot depth pool. Even when I learnt how to swim, I was still there in the same pool.
One day I decided to give up the fear. I literally jumped into the pool of 9 ft depth just by trusting my gut. Trust me, It was difficult but I could swim off my fear and got to the top. Now I only swim in 10 + ft swimming pool and not the usual jump but the dive!
I am no more a Hydrophobic. It took me 3 months but you see, I am better than yesterday!
When I started this post, I was thinking of all my approaches on overcoming fear.
Basically there are 3 things you need to remember.
1. You have a better life than million others, live it the way you want to make everyday better.
2. Don't be afraid, take chances, TRY!
3. You can only overcome fear by going through it and not around it.
Remember this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "Do one thing everyday that scares you! "
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