Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo

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I am here with a product review and it is a product that everyone bound to have it in their bag. Okay, at least we all women do. No no,it is not the lipbalm but it is the Multi Use Wipes. There are way too many brands releasing these now a days. There is no way you can select something and deselect something. You only get to know which one works for you when you use them. There are no testers available.But out of all these brands and variants, there is one brand which makes you want it right away without a second thought. Yes, I am talking about Dettol.
As kids, we have all bathed with this brand's soap and how many of us remember crying over the application of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Dettol emerged as one brand that is always there in our home.I love their hand wash.Dettol's Multi Use Wipes are now my must haves. 
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes -Review & Demo

PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well

Out of all the dresses and events, I am sure every girl's first ever big day would be the Prom. However, we don't have that event in India but in western countries and eastern countries, it is a very common celebration. Every girl dresses her best and plans out the whole day so well to make it the most memorable day of her teenage times. While we know many websites that offer the prom dresses and I myself introduced many websites but most of them have a similar collection of dresses as per my view.
But there is one website that stocks pretty unique designs. Though it is based in China, it delivers their dresses virtually to almost every country. It is
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well
PromTimes: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well

Thinking Will Not Overcome FEAR but Action Will #RiseAboveFear

I know it when my mom warns me to stay safe every day. But I said Yes! I do have fear but at the same time, I consider myself as fearless.
Being a girl, I do not say it is easy to handle the whole drama in our every day life. I do not want to quote any major things that happened in my life but I want to share a thing which really scared me to death and how I surpassed my fear.
FEAR basically is a very tiny word which is being used since our childhood. When you were a kid,your mother would ask you to eat your food properly else a bad man would come and take you away. I know citing this here is lame but I wanted to tell you how people are attached to this feeling called "fear"
If FEAR is considered as a acronym, it can be described in two ways "Forget Everything And Run" or "Face Everything And Rise"
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All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review

If you are not aware on how I usually review a perfume, you can check this post Unlike my previous perfume review, this is a biit unique. This is a perfume that is meant for MEN. I know this may sound weird but reviewing a perfume by testing it on my dad was not an easy task for me. LOL. I kept bugging my dad to use this perfume instead of his usual one..asked him how it smelled first and then called him in the afternoon to check if he liked the smell and finally in the evening once he is back ,I used to check if the perfume is still lingering around. The whole drama lasted for a week and almost after few weeks, I am penning down a review of the first review of a Men's Perfume on my blog
A little about
Much like musical notes make up a song fragrance notes are necessary to make a perfume. Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume's fragrant accord. All Good Scents has based its LOGO on this pertinent allegory of the perfume world- The Perfume Pyramid.
If you are not familiar with the term, The Perfume Pyramid..
Do check my previous post here
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review
All Good Scents - Arise -for the Mystery Man - Review

Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing

Yes..I am eating while typing this blog post. I am super happy that I am eating so tasty snacks after a long time that too from Japan :D My Asian Addiction just reached the next level.Read on to know more on what I am talking about.
£15 ~ 1400 INR apprx Per Month – Shipping is Free!
Ships directly from Japan
Taste Japan is a monthly box of mouthwatering Japanese treats delivered to your doorstep for only £15/month!
July was their introductory box and so far they’re making a pretty big. Taste Japan guys were kind enough to send me a box for review <3 This is a sampler box which means there is no guarantee of the number of products or the size of the products. Whatever it is, I am super excited to show you what I got in this month.
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing
Taste Japan November / December Box - Unboxing 
That's what my box contained and as you can see, they already filled up my tummy haha
Coming to their individual things..

Blog Sale-Lipsticks,LipGlosses - Open to Indian Residents Only

Hey Girlies.. I am in need to clear my stash and hence a very quick blogsale. I hope you support me and make it a success.
All the pictures mention their current condition. Most of them are used not more than twice/thrice few of them are just swatched.
You can comment below or email me on what to buy.
Please email me : on what products you want to buy.
I will send in my bank details. Please transfer the money within 48 hours after confirmation through email. I will send the products as soon as I get the payment.
Sale is open till the stock lasts !! 
Shipping charges : Flat 50 INR.
I will be using Indian Post and I will give the tracking number to the buyer.
Here is the list
1. NYX Matte Lipsticks in Sierra, Natural 
Price : 300 INR
2. Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick in Fairy Tale
Price : 300 INR
3. NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart
Price : 350 INR

Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews

A long pending post and here it is..My MeMebox#49
I bought it because of the name and the Sneakpeek of the MilkDress Shampoo that they included in the box. It is more than a week that I received this box and I am already started using most of the products and now I can proudly review them for you while showing them.
My Code: NJA2TC
December codes will be activate from December 4, 2014 through December 31, 2014.
Codes are good for $5 off any purchase over $30
Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews
Memebox #49 Hair & Body #4: SPA Edition - Unboxing and Mini Reviews
Let us take a look on what I got in my box#49 Hair & Body - Spa Edition. I was expecting some kind of spa sort of products for my body and for hair, I already knew one product. But I was kind of ok ok with the box. Read on to know why.
#23 + $6.99 shipping
Here is the box link 
What does memebox say about this box:
Escape the world with this Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition!
Take down your hair, light a candle, and step into a world of bubbles and frothy goodness with the fourth edition of our best-selling Hair & Body series.
Packed with the best spa-quality hair-reviving and body-beautifying essentials yet, Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition will turn your ordinary bathtub into a world-class spa! Experience first-class beauty with this Memebox classic, and be beautiful from head to toe!

Important Update Regarding

Hey Guys
This is to inform you that I am no longer taking up the responsibility of my blog
I have already transferred the ownership to 2 of my very loyal friends who will handle getsetblush's Posts and social media.

Perfect Complexion - Skin Care for Dummies

Achieving the maintaining the perfect complexion is something which most women strive for. There are two main factors to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion. The clever and correct application of foundation, concealers etc can help to achieve the perfect look a makeup airbrush kit is perfect for this job but achieving the best results starts on the inside. If you have a clear, bright complexion then you won’t need to cover it with makeup to make you look and feel good – just the minimum amount will suffice.
Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect complexion starting from the inside:
1.Look after yourself
The skin is the largest organ in the body and if you don’t take good care of your body as a whole then it will show through in your skin. Some real “no-no’s” include drinking too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, eating lots of processed foods and over exposure to the sun. Cut down on these things and you should see a difference already.
The Key to a Perfect Complexion
The Key to a Perfect Complexion

5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection

Winter is here already and even in Hyderabad the temperatures have been reduced so much and I am all set for a quick wardrobe makeover to keep myself warm. I am an online shopping enthusiast and I always keep a look on the new trends in fashion and new online shopping destinations. That's how I got to know AmericanSwan. I actually heard about this website a while ago but my bad memory kept it unchecked for a long time. But now I regret not checking the website earlier. The collection is just great with super affordable price range and amazing styles.
I'm sharing 5 of my favorites from the store just in case if you want to own them too.
Make a modern statement with this sophisticated pullover. Made with 100% cotton, this full sleeve button down cardigan is engineered for both style and warmth.
5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection
5 Must Haves from American Swan - All New Fall Winter Collection
This is like my love at first time. These days I am more into the traditional style of sweaters and cardigans less of the new kind jackets. Now you know why I loved this one.Infact I am thinking of styling this cardigan just how the model did. Floral dress with this cardigan.How cute is the combination.