Sleek Makeup I-DIVINE IN ARABIAN NIGHTS Eye Shadow Palette-Review,Swatches,EOTD

Heyya Girlies.. Most of you might have already seen my Sleek Makeup Haul which I posted last week(If you haven't checked it yet..please do check it here ) I was in love with the whole theme of this one.You know,mystic..dreamy..all those dramatic feelings in one palette.Let's get into more pictures and the detailed review.
What does the Sleek Makeup say about this palette:
This exclusive i-Divine Palette* is inspired by Arabian fantasy,seduction and warm rich colors. The deep tones of green, blue and gold melt together,forming beautiful smoky effects, suited to all skin tones.
This exquisite palette is perfect for summer nights, there are endless possibilities for striking looks, sure to turn heads and make you look and feel incredible.
Each shade is highly pigmented with unique shade names such as Gold Souk, Valley of Diamonds and Sorcerer.
Price and Quantity:
$11.99 You can buy it here
They offer international shipping. They charge very minimal price for shipping so why wait..go ahead and order your favorites.
Create mysterious eyes:
Gold Souk can be applied on the eye lid as a base for every look
Shimmery shade Scheherazade’s Tale can be applied to the inner corners to brighten the face and widen eyes.
Blend darker shades Valley of Diamonds or 1001 Nights along the eye socket to contour and add definition to your eyes.
My Take:
This is  one of the most versatile products that has been launched recently by Sleek Makeup. People in UK and all the beauty bloggers are big fan of their I-Divine eye shadow palettes.I'm no exception. When I opened the black matte rectangular case,I could see 12 unique shades of eye shadows in round pans. All the 12 shades are given names.
1.Scheherazade’s Tale :
It is a light beige shade with a metallic finish.It is super pigmented and you can use it as a base or as a highlighter.It is creamy to spread over the lid and tough enough to stay like that for at least 8-9 hours.I wore it to my work and I work for 10-12 hours per day.
2.Gold Souk:
A warm golden eye shadow with shimmery metallic finish.It is very creamy and amazingly pigmented.I am yet to use this eye shadow,planning to create a Navratri look with this one. Such a gorgeous shade.
3.Aladdin’s Lamp:
It is a brown which has a frosty finish. It is again creamy and pigmented. One of my favorite eye shadow from the palette.
4.Sultan’s Garden:
Wow! look at the name. An unique name for a green eye shadow. It is a smoky green with gold shimmer. It was not really that pigmented.It wasn't creamy like the others but yeah.. it can be used as a starting green shade for smokey eye makeup.
5.Hocus Pocus:
It is a dark green with a metallic shine. Unlike the Sultan's Garden this one is great at pigmentation. It is the perfect smokey green eyeshadow. I love this one.
6.Simbad’s Seas:
It is a blue eyeshadow with purple undertones. It is again a shimmery finish. It is really a rich colour to work with and the texture is so smooth like a butter.
By the name, I thought it would be a blue know Aladdin ? :P But in this palette, genie is given to this bronze eyeshadow because it is a savior. Always. I am in love with this one too. I wore it thrice already. It has a little fallout compared to others.
8.Black Magic:
I would say it is not a black eyeshadow but a grey with a touch of blue. It is creamy in texture. The finish is satin which I liked.
It is a brownish or I may say a burgundy eye shadow with matte finish. It is subtle eye shadow for everyday look. It has a creamy texture and It is my favorite too.
It is just like Black Magic but more pigmented and more darker. It has very tiny shimmer to it which makes it easier to use. The pigmentation is good too. But I am not a fan of shimmery grey eyeshadows.
12.Valley of Diamonds:
It is a purplish maroon shade which is very unique shade. It is a satin eye shadow with gold sparkles. I adore this shade. Perfect for the night time makeup.
13.1001 Nights:
It is the most pigmented black eye shadow ever. I love the fact that it has a pearl finish. It just felt too soft to touch and the most easiest black eye shadow to work with. It stays on forever :D
I have applied genie over my eye lid. If you can make out, it did fell out a bit. I haven't applied any primer underneath.
My Rating:
My Recommendation:
Whoa! What a range of shades.Very exotic palette for those who love dramatic eye makeup or smokey eyes. This is like a mixed bag with neutral shades to dramatic shades. The only downside I could notice that there may be fallout but when you use a good eye primer and following the base makeup only after doing the eye makeup would help this.


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