My Journey in Blogging - Happy Friendship Day-The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

I really doubt if I spent so much time on my blog and socialising coz it's already 2 yrs that I started my blog. All thanks to my fellow bloggers and some other girls who always encouraged me to blog in some way or other.
I would like to share this post(I have these words to scream since so long) with you on this day. Yeah, I know It's a friendship day. But here, in the blogging world.. Friendship can be defined in a good way, a bad way or a cruel way.
Out of all the experiences I would like to confess what all I have gone through during this time.
I am 20+ old but I only had grown up so much in the last year. Thanks to people.Certain People!
There are few people whom I can thank a million times because talking to you, is just so fab and I loved talking to you and thanks for understanding and thanks for staying with me during my hard times. I don't want to name these beautiful ladies with golden heart. Because I am afraid that negative people can spit their venom on these angels. *Nazar nahi lagana chahiye un logon ko*
Confession 1:
I am like any other girls, used to talk so much and that includes gossipping, bitching. I have never thought that they would come back haunting me.LESSON LEARNT!

Confession 2:
I am not a perfect human being. But it doesn't mean I am JEALOUS! For all those who might have thought even for a second that I'm jealous.. please cross check.
I have my reasons to prove this. Though I don't have to.
Confession 3:
When I say something, with due respect. I trusted that particular person and I never thought they would put me in an embarrassing situation later on *which is again a lesson*. This is regarding the bitching/gossips that I had with few of my fellow bloggers. My heart aches when I remember how we girls spoke too much and it hurts me now, When I start thinking about the other girls who were THE target then. I hardly talk to people now. It is not because I am ok, but I want to put in my effort to stop the negativity around.
Confession 4:
One thing I have learnt, Your opinion should be strong. And you don't be afraid of somebody. I was bullied once and I know how it feels. I will never enjoy the cyber Bullying. Please don't target a person at least when she is doing something not related to you or hurting you in any means.

Out of the bad things,there are people who kept asking me why I am not so active on social networking sites..
Situations that lead to my not so social existence:
Situation 1:
I was super close with a girl and I don't know suddenly I realised that I'm being distanced. I was ok with it. But suddenly when I post a status saying somebody is coming from states and my inbox used to pop up asking to get some stuff for her.*I felt weird* When somebody won my giveaway, which I am supposed to send and due to unexpected reasons, I couldn't send it on time and that totally made that girl angry. First place, I thought she is my friend and she would understand that I would send the thing sometime or other. But she never understood and always used to loose her cool for petty things.
Situation 2:
There is one girl who is too shy to show her face, clicks a lip swatch or eye makeup look in a dud light and expects nobody to complain. And nobody does. Because people are wise enough to look into their own business more.But.. she can complain on some girl whose photos are just great but made her skin a bit fair and that itched this girl.*how cruel*
Also, she is not ashamed to tell people that she is too innocent and always try to put emotions into her speech just to convince somebody else. "You are bothered about your trust being broken, but I am shattered to know that my trust is broken". But now, the girl who supposedly broken her trust is her best friend.
Situation 3:
There is one more girl who is super desperate in getting a lime light accuses of someone for marking her blog spam. Well, try proving it before you point your finger. She thinks that I am Jealous of her which can never be true..not even in your dreams. This girl took a step ahead and destroying friendship by sharing the private things which I told her when I was in frustration. I am still sorry for myself for loosing my focus and I pity myself for trusting somebody like you.
Situation 4:
Here the friendship has a different meaning. I can be some body's real good friend if I can get somethings delivered at my place and take the pain of sending the package to them. Once the package is received, "I am unable to add you as my friend".
Situation 5:
Girls enjoying the status and comments when the other girls starts bullying a single girl in public. How cruel you girls can be?
I am really sorry and it is so cruel to talk behind their back. Please don't form your clan and abuse people in public. Fight for it if it is bothering you. If it is not related to you, leave it. Just believe in KARMA.
On a final note,
This blogging world gave me MY ups and downs.
Gave me very good friends. There are people whom I whatsapp. I feel so close with them. Yes, we stopped talking about people now. I took time in realising that it has got nothing to do with the reality.
Excel in whatever you do. Love you all :)
My sincere apologies to all the girls whom I have hurt directly or indirectly. I am hoping that you would forgive me one day. Please do :(
I admit the fact that I made mistakes. I'm SORRY!! Blame it on me!
But Trust me, I am a better person now.
Wishing you a very happy FRIENDSHIP DAY!! :)

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  1. hi appu... as i am new to blogging, never experienced such thing. your post could be a wake up call for me. We are all humans and we are supposed to have all kind of emotions as a normal human being. But when we learn our mistakes and try to grow out of it, we become a good human being. That is what I learned from my life :) All the best for your blog :) lets spread positivity :)

    1. Hey thanks Sindhu :)
      It's nothing much but I just felt like sharing :)
      Yes.. Let's spread some positivity :)

  2. I've been through all this.. Glad that you have taken it in a positive way and have moved on for good :) Happy Friendship day Appu.. Always remember people who value your friendship would always be with you no matter what :)

    1. I seriously needed some good inspiration to continue. I had chosen this way. Thanks for the support Rekha :)

  3. blogging should be fun and it has its pitfalls esp on the jealousy and backstabbing part so it's really hard to find real friends among total strangers. it helps to be careful. I prefer to focus on the positives and surround myself with the same type of people I can trust. When a blogger starts talking trash about another girl/blogger that's usually a warning sign for me that the person might have deep seated insecurities that can backfire on me anytime so it pays to be careful.

    Goodluck <3

    1. Very Well said Angel :)
      Thanks again for the comments :)

  4. Blogging is an amazing journey and definitely has it's own adventures :)

    Lu |

  5. I hope to continue write article:)
    nice article and very interestingl)
    I like your blog:D

  6. hey appu, i can understand, though i ve never been much active in social world..
    n after reading some stuff, i don't feel tats bad..
    dont worry and hope u wll ve more frnds than weirdos in future!

    1. Aww.. thank you so much honey :)
      People like you inspire me to stay strong :)


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