How to Use Teatree Oil for Skin - Skincare DIY

Although I heard a lot about the benifits of TeaTree Oil, I never tried it in real. But since three months my skin is going under a real bad phase. Severe breakouts and cystic acne what the doc termed them.
I have used up the medicines for a month and they gave a good result too. I was somehow drawn towards the herbal ways of treating my skin for good though. So, the first thing came in to my mind was this!

The Teatree Essential Oil. I heard too many good things about this and never really believed them but I had to try this. I bought a tiny bottle of this. Set my goal. Use it for two months and decide on what it got to do with the skincare.
One tough question was in my brain.!! How do I use it ?
I knew one thing about essential oils, you should never really use it directly on the skin. It burns coz of the concentric nature. Sooo...
How should you use it?
My search and proven Methods.

As a Face Cleanser:
Take your favourite cleanser, put in a drop of teatree oil in it and cleanse your face.
As a Facial Toner:
Use water,rose water or any of your daily toner. Wet the cotton pad with your toner and apply a drop or two of the teatree oil and wipe your face with this cotton pad.
In the Face Mask:
This is one effective way as it gets to work on skin for longer time. Mix your facemask and when you about to apply it on face, add a drop of teatree oil and mix it well. Apply the mask to your face. Rinse off when it dries up.
As a Spot Treatment:
When you see any tiny bumps on your skin, any zits or if you sense that you are going to get pimple, Take a cotton ball, add two drops of teatree oil and apply directly on the affected area. Use it for three nights and I swear, the pimple/zit is gone without a trace.
For Body Acne:
Use few drops of teatree oil to your bathing water. Take shower with this water.
For Dandruff:
Add few drops of teatree oil to your shampoo and use the shampoo whenever you take a headbath.

Out of all,
I have tried everything related to the facial skin.
Trust me, it works!
Go get one bottle for yourself and welcome a clear skin within a week.

My skin is oily-combination and is prone to pimples. I do not have very severe acne.


  1. Not bad...hav not used teatree oil ever but will def do so once needed...

  2. I love the face mask idea will definitely try it.. :)

  3. Hey, I love the new look of the blog :) And ya, tea tree oil is so useful..esp for breakouts as a spot treatment.

  4. wow within a week... will try it for sure :) useful info :)

  5. I love tea tree oil~ Especially just as a face cleanser. :3 Thanks for the comment on my blog! I followed you via GFC and Bloglovin!

    Love, Aimee
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  6. Amazing post! And I love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Bloglovin, follow me back?:)

  7. is first time when I heard about this teatree oil...I really want it::D
    I like how you explin and for the ideas;)
    have a nice day!!!

  8. Great post, must try this, my skin is a mess


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