Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick in Pink Pirouette Review,Swatches

Hey girls.. Ever thought of getting back to college ? Ever thought of dressing like one college-goer or getting ready like one ? Well.. I guess Revlon heard us and hence the brand launched these cuties.I am referring to Streetwear ! yes, a budget friendly brand that got a complete makeover in the recent times. I happened to see them at a store and immediately grabbed one lipstick. I swatched most of them and finally stuck to this one.
Price and Quantity:
180 for 4.2gms
The product comes in a black plastic bullet. It has a transparent cover which is a good idea; you know you can always check the shade even without opening the cap. This has a cute girl cartoon on the bullet which is cute and chick.

The Shade:
The shade Pink Pirouette is nothing you can imagine by seeing the name. I swatched the shade first, loved it and then saw the name. To my surprise, the lipstick is an orangey coral shade and nothing related to pink family :P *ignorant*
My Take:
This is like my “love at first” I wanted to own obsessed orange from colorbar which is a bright orange. *I owned it now and thanks to a special friend. Miss A.* Anyway, getting back to Pink Pirouette, the shade is just the same version of obsessed orange. It is a bright orange which instantly brightens up my face. The lipstick is moisturizing and very pigmented and stays on forever. Okay, in real it stays on for 6 hours with snacks in between. Later on, it fades off leaving a tint. I love the tint more than the actual shade. The lipstick is pigmented enough to cover my pigmentation on lips. It is budget friendly and I knew it is targeted the college girls but you know, we are never too old to try a new lipstick.  
Here are the Swatches:
Very nicely pigmented, long lasting.
Chick package.
Amazing shade collection.
Very nice coral orange that would look great on any skintone.
1. Nothing!
My Rating:
My Final Words:
For the price you pay, you get the best lipstick! Go get one. I am totally in love with the shade.


  1. i love these lipsticks..nice color choices and a complete steal for the price..


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