Shades of Grey - With a Twist on my Nails

I know the name sounds weird. But you know, it's catchy :D Heard about the book ??
Anyway, coming to the point.. This was done a while ago. Read two months ago.
I started using my nail art brushes 

When I say I used the nail art brush., It doesn't mean that I can draw something nice. But you know, I am starting now.
I will make sure to use them a bit more from now. Atleast once a week, I am sure that I will be posting something new here, on under NAIL ART section.
Coming to this, I have painted my nails grey and then drew links in rectangles and filled them with different colours at the tips.
Once done, I applied the matte top coat. I loved the matte finish, however my sis wanted some shimmer on them so I painted the middle and ring finger with shimmer topcoat.
How do you like it?

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  1. nail art is superb and the new blog layout is simple and this appu


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