Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Colors - Swatches and Review

I know I am the last one show you the Glitter Side of me :)
Let your nails dazzle and shine with MNY Color Show Glitter Mania nail color range.
Priding itself as India's first-ever textured nail paint, the Color Show Glitter Mania range is every nail-art lover's dream! When applied, these sparkling nail colors deliver a 3D shimmering effect, adding oodles of style to your tips. They also have a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. With 8 glittering nail color shades to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade for every mood.

INR 125
Here's why you'll love it:
• Features the Color Dry Technology for a stylish, sand-textured effect
• When applied on nails, it delivers a 3D shimmering effect
• Perfect for experimental, trendy nail art
• Easy to apply and dries quickly
• Comes in 8 trendy, glittering shades
Here I have 3 of them.
Dazzling Diva - A Silver Shade
Matinee Mauve - A Pinky Mauve Shade
Paparazzi Purple - A Beautiful Purple.

These are tiny glass transparent bottles with a plastic black cap. The shade name and the number is mentioned on the cap so, it is easy to distinguish between the other ColorShow polishes. Yes, the whole range has the same package which is super cute.
Can you spot the Glitters ? I know the colour is on the nail is just like the way it is visible in the bottle. The brush is tiny but I am not complaining. The bottle itself is tiny and for the price you pay, the quality and quantity is just amazing !
My Take:
I always wanted a silver textured nail paint, talking about the textured nail paint you may want to check a TEXTURED Nail Polish from Holika Holika, a famous Korean Brand.
Anyway,coming to the adorable MNY :D my favourite brand. It is affordable, definitely superb quality. I had few of their Colorshow nailpaints which were great for the price and the choice of colors is a big plus. So moving ahead with the same expectation, the Glitter Mania was launched and it didn't disappointed me.
I loved the shades, the shimmer and the unique textured finish they gave once they dried up.These dry quickly without allowing me to blow air to let them dry soon. It reminds me of OPI Sand Nails. But these are more shimmery and less gritty.
They are surprisingly opaque in a single coat and last long without chipping. I am a lazy girl and I don't work much at home and this nail paint lasted for 5 days without chipping. I loved this fact.
From left to right - Paparazzi Purple,Matinee Mauve,Dazzling Diva
How do you like them with the flash on ?? Hot eh ??
My Rating:
My Recommendation:
Ladies, I don't know if everyone likes blingy nails but I am sure that Glitter nails just lift up your spirits. Get them and play with colors. Create your own funky and glittery nails and rock on!
Except Dazzling diva rest are the products sent to me by PR. However, my review is honest.For more, please read my disclaimer.


  1. Pretty shades..enti patta ledu emaipoyav and ela unav

    1. im good dear :)
      koncham time tesukuna work kosam :)


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