MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil - My Experience

First thing is first... I am super busy with my life and hence less love was shown to my second love ie GETSETBLUSH.COM. I am sorry :( I will start posting from now.Coming back to my current post it is a simple review of one of the much raved hair care product. It is none other than, the MABH fast Growth Hair Oil.

Price and Quantity:
INR 400 for 100 ml
you can buy it here

You guys might be wondering what is this bottle in the empty condition. I am sorry about that. The cap was so loose and half of the oil was wasted during the transport. The packaging was not effective back then, however it is all transformed and I read that it is way too sturdy and more travel friendly.
What does it say:
The Package:
I wanted to tell many things but you see, the packaging has been revamped and It is no point if I keep explaining you about this. The new bottle is far better than this one.
My Experience with the product:
I know I know what you guys are looking for.! 
I transferred the oil into a steel bowl and I apply it by heating it up. The oil is thick and greenish colour. On warming oil melts a bit and to a runny consistency. That way, it is easier to apply to my thin hair. Yes, I have thin hair and I know no oil can make my hair thick. But, I can think of oils that may work on my hair and make them strong and not letting them fall.*big wish eh*

I am sure you guys are interested in knowing how it worked for me. Without much intro, let me explain you. I have used it almost twice to thrice a week since three months and now I finished this oil.
I observed that it smells like herbals more like henna and amla. I liked the smell. It is thick so, I warm the oil before I apply it to my hair. When you warm it, the oil is more runny making it easier to apply and massage. 
So, the first two times when I used this oil, there is hairfall.!! A lot of it. I doubted if my hair protested to take a new product. I killed my hair literally. I mean, I kinda shampoo every day and I coloured my hair, I bleached it, I iron it and I curl it. I know expecting strong hair is too much in my situation.
However, from the third and fourth use my hair seemed to get used to this oil and massage thing. I saw less hairfall which was/is my aim :D
Slowly it reduced the number of hair that came out of my head when I applied conditioner. I am glad :)
I do not have any kind of itching,dandruff so I am not really sure if it really works on dandruff.
My hair growth rate is normal and the oil didn't do much about it.
My Rating:
Final Words:
Overall, I really liked this oil because of it's 100% natural and chemical free composition. The smell is divine and finally, it reduced my hairfall. I do not think if somebody need anything else from oil massage.
I am currently on medication for hair growth, once I'm done with it I am planning to get another bottle of this oil. I liked it much.


  1. and I have a problem with hair loss since I know
    I tried the kinds of oils and masks that gave results on time but you no longer use reappear loss problem
    I'll try to make myself get this treatment, and I hope to find in my country

    I have a new blog post ... you're welcome

    1. Hey Leb
      I know how it feels :(
      n I guess you dont get this in your country :(

  2. I'm having severe hairfall these days, will definitely try this.

    Thanks for the review Appu


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