Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Glazed Green Review,Swatches,EOTD

Hey people..Glazed Green. What a name! I mean it brings to mind pictures of forests for some reason. Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner is the longest name an eyeliner could possibly have. The worst part part is if I keep sharpening, the name will keep disappearing and eventually only the word green will be left.

560 INR
About the product:
It is a regular pencil which needs to be sharpened. The pencil and the case are in the color of the eyeliner so it is easy to identify. It can be sharpened to a point.
The texture is a really smooth formula. It just glides on to your eye and stays put. I mean this color does not budge! It is smudge proof once it sets and water proof. I washed my face with this on and it didn't run or smudge. You need a very effective makeup remover to get this off and loads of product. It does not come off easily and I find that a bit problematic for me. It can be smudged out before it sets to give that sexy smoked look.
The color, oh the color, it is a beautiful deep green. It reminds me of coniferous trees. The finish is metallic and it does not fade away.
If you are like me and rub the inner corner a lot. well then it does tend to fade away there.
I don’t like it on my waterline. Any colored eyeliner on my waterline irritates my eye and I wear lenses so its worse. It can be worn under the lower lash line and smudged if you want just that hint of color.
It is expensive, so if you can get it on sale, please buy it then.

On my eye:
What I like about this product:
> The color. It is simply gorgeous and I think it would work very well for evenings.
> The formula. very smooth. Just don’t leave the cap open, it tends to dry.
> Does not budge from the eyes.
>Smudges proof, Waterproof, long wear
What I don’t like about this product:
> It takes forever to remove!! The color is so deep and rich that you needs lots of product and patience to get this off.
> Needs to be sharpened so there is loss of product.
> if it gets dry, then it tugs at the eyelids.
> Pricey.

It is a great product and if you don’t mind spending a bit of money on an eyeliner then go ahead and grab one soon.
My Rating:
If I had to rate it then I would give it a 4 on 5 only because I hate the fact that it is so hard to remove and the price.
This is easier to remove if you rub some oil on it first. It does make you look like panda eyes for a bit but it comes off faster.
About the author:
My name is Krupa and I am the author and Editor at I'm just your average Indian woman. My first love is dance and that's how the love for makeup came about. I write like I talk. I believe that style and fashion are how we interpret it. My blog records my journey through makeup and fashion with excerpts from my life thrown in.

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