My Haircut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon -Store Tour - Before and After Pictures

Hey people
Happy Sunday! How was your saturday and mine was just as perfect as it can ever be!
Most of you,who are following me on Instagram might have already known that I had a haircut (If you haven't following me as yet, please feel free to follow @itsapoorva)
I was invited by the Juice Salon team few days back and I booked an appointment on Saturday. Once I was there,it was all magic.You know the VIP feeling!It was nothing less than that.
For those who are not really aware what the Juice Salon is all about,
Here is something they say in their own words:
Juice is one of the trendiest salon chain with branches across metros and mini-metros catering to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers,trendsetters and celebrities. Juice has been in existence for the past decade and has now became a leader and benchmark in the Hair and Nail Care industry.
Hair Stylists at Juice believer that perfect beauty is different for every person which is why they do not mass produce but tailor a look keeping in mind an individual's features when conceiving their cut and colour.
As a brand Juice is extremely stylish,funky, international and has experienced a period of unprecedented growth over the last decade and continues to keep the art of hairdressing fresh and alive.
The Store Tour:
I have visited the Juice Salon located in Jubilee Hill,Hyderabad. They have an other branch at Banjara Hills too. I will soon visit the other branch also may be for my next hair care session.
Okay, coming to the store.. The whole of Juice Salon is compacted in one huge hall where all the different sections have been separated with some wall partitions and glass.
The area is completely based on white/offwhite,blackish brown and magenta pink theme. Overall a very classy store with good ambiance.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon
As soon as you enter the store, you are welcomed by the manager and the store in-charge Sohail and Jenny respectively.
Sohail, on the other hand handles the customers and the stylist will be allocated based on the needs of the customer. 
That's Sohail
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
On the right, there is a section to display all the haircare products that include TIGI,L'Oreal, Matrix Biolage,Oasis etc. Depending upon the customer requirement they use the branded products for hairwash and styling.
I however got my wash by L'oreal shampoo and Conditioner meant for damaged hair.(I killed my hair totally)Once you move ahead you are greeted by Buddha Idol
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
You cross it, on the left you have the foot care section and on the right the Nail Bar with loads and loads of OPI Nailpaints.Do you know that, Juice has a tie up with OPI?
OPI!!! at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
From the reception area, you have the hair care section on the left.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour

People at work
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
My hair was styled by "Manoj" . My hair was analyzed first by asking me all the questions related to it. I mean, did I coloured it recently and more of those.Then,what kind of hair cut I want and what can look best on me etc. So, I didn't want to chop the length but I wanted layers. For a change I was given a different partition.
My hair is basically soft and silky(atleast when I wash and dry my hair) and the style was really nice but for me,it was a biiit difficult to manage. So, here is a pic on what exactly he did.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon
Can you make out it resembled Priyanka Chopra's desi girl hair style lol :P Only if I had a little long tresses.
After sometime I have changed the style to my convenience and it turned out the below way.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon
My Nail Care:
Yay! This one really excited me but sadly I didn't have long nails :( So, I only wanted a simple french style nails and I have chosen my colors ! OPI the basic and liquid sand nail paints.
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
They had some sample nail art to choose from. However, I didn't like the crystals and the stones so.. 
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon-Store Tour
I got my nails done!! They are done by Ayyung. She was from Mizoram and looked absolutely stunning! :)
My HairCut and Nails Done at The Juice Salon
They even offer gel nails and acrylic nails. I am going to get my nails done from here someday.
Overall, It has been an amazing experience and looking forward to have a longtime relationship with the people.
You can find more information related to the saloon and the stores near you.. 
You can check their FB page 
and their website:
If you are interested in my makeup breakdown.. Please do comment in :) I would love to share the products that I have used.

**I was offered the services by the brand.However, my opinion is honest.

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