Holika Holika Sand Nails in 06 Review and Swatches

Hey Girls..you know how much I love the Korean Makeup and Skincare, I am slowly shifting my basic needs to the Korean brands. Recently I found love in nail paints and I really wanted to try the texture ones. There are many brands which recently launched their own textured nail paints but they not really impressed me.May be because they didn't have many colours or the glitters(which I didn't want in my textured paint). I knew my requirement was clear. I wanted a light shade and a normal paint with no chunks of glitter. When I ran out of my foot masks,I wanted to shop for them and suddenly I found this textured nail paint from the brand "Holika Holika"
Price and Quantity:
A major problem with the Korean Beauty Products is the price! The price is different in different websites. However,all the websites claim to deliver the real product, this concept totally confuse me.
Anyway, the Holika Holika Sand Nails - Nail paint is priced as below. click on the link to visit their respective sites(no affliate links.)
For 10ml of the product
$6.43 on  w2beauty.com
What does the website say about the Sand Nails:(source from an online portal)
- Pastel sand nail color with lovely 6 colors.
- Soft touch creates sparkling nail color like sand of the beach scattered.
- Composed of lovely pastel color to remain long lasting power for hours without top coat.
How to Use
1. Apply base coat 1 time to clean and bare nails.
2. Apply desired color.
3. Re-apply 2 times for move vivid color.
The package is quite simple and sturdy. The nail paint comes in a glass bottle with the sticker Holika holika on it. The shade name and barcode is mentioned on the cap. The brush is good for my tiny nails. The bristles are easy on my nails and two swipes could cover up my whole nail.

My Take on the Product:
The Holika Holika Sand Nails come in 6 different shades out of which I chose the #6. Shade 6 is basically a pastel peach shade which looked great on the nails than in the bottle.
Unlike the usual Indian Nail paints, this one didn't have a harsh smell. It is very light and fades in 2-3seconds right after the application.
The nail paint looks normal in the bottle but when you apply, you may find it more like a nail paint whose consistency is a bit thick. It is light on the nail and doesn't let you feel heavy after drying.
The formation of texture is quite interesting. It has very tiny (read super tiny)glitters, which only shine when the light is focussed on them. I loved the concept of not having it totally matte.
Finally, it takes 2 coats to get the perfect texture on the nails.
Once dried, you have the nails are gritty to touch. It is not smooth. The surface is little weird and yes, that's what textured nail paints got the name.
Overall, I loved the nail paint and I'm having it on my nails right now.
It stays on for a week depending upon how you treat your nails. If you are a home maker and need to use your hands for everything then the wearout time likely reduces.
Don't mind my short nails. I had to cut them recently and that's when my parcel arrived :(
I waited for a week and this is all my nails could grow.
A close look just in case..
Final Words:
I totally loved this and I am planning to order more shades from this range. If you are a nail art addict or a nail paint maniac, this one is a must have.

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