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Hey people
If you are a regular reader of my blog you may be knowing that I have natural black brown silky thin hair. But..I love my hair to be something else. I mean, All the other things which my hair is not.
I totally love curly hair. I keep exploring all the silly means that claim to make hair curly. I love to experiment with my hair color. I love getting done some new hairstyle.
This picture was a living proof of me..playing with my hair.  I have used some sponge curlers to get this effect which I loved to the core or you can use a variety of human hair extensions, can help you in this endeavor.
My mom,who is a typical telugu lady has a waist length thick black hair and she always bugs me to grow hair. However, I kind of like my hair to be shoulder length as I feel it is easier to manage and maintain.
When it comes to the way I play with my hair.. I want my pictures taken at super random times to do the talking.
I believe in chemicals! I love torturing my hair to those harsh chemicals which in turn give me super special shiny hair and a big hole to my pocket.
The above picture was taken during those times of the year when I gave my already streaked hair a protein spa.
Can you notice the shine..the texture..
Well..It faded away in no time *sob* *sob*
Once I am over the spa thing, I was itching to streak my hair again but this time with the boldest colour,can you guess it?
Yeah..its the RED.
I was given too many weird looks and even more silly comments when I sported this at my work.
This is a random pic of mine when I was in a mood of the boho chick. LOL
I plaited my hair. I took a very small section of my hair and tightly braided it and left with a matching elastic at the end. I knew it looked different but you know..I play with my hair.
 This was at my work when I didn't wash my hair that day. I usually take head bath almost every day and once in a while due to the time constraint I kind of miss washing it and I get to use dry shampoo(which is another bottle of chemicals) in the morning and by evening I tie it up this way. I know its messy but you are never wrong when you love what you doing.
Apart from all this, I love my hair the way it is and I love playing with it as much as I can. Afterall there is the Dove Shampoo and conditioner which are my total saviours.
I use them whenever I shampoo my hair and my hair feels normal as if nothing is really wrong with it..I knows the truths :P
For more on the video..
So, how well can you play with your hair..comment below....
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