Korean SkinCare and Makeup Shopping from w2beauty.com

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This was in my drafts since so long. I got a package from Alice of w2beauty.com
For all those who are aware of Alice and her website, can simply proceed to the next line. For those, who don't know much about this, read on.
About w2beauty.com:
W2beauty.com is an online shopping website that stocks almost all the Korean Skincare,Makeup,bath and body products. It is like a candyland where you can not come out without owning them. The website has over 10000 products and cover almost all the major Korean Brands. It has separate section for men as well. The website has a super easy navigation and it loads super quick.
They offer free international shipping and if you are doubtful about the loss of package(which never happens) you can go for an extra $2.5 for a tracking number.
About Alice:
She is a total sweetheart. She responds to every single question you ask. She has loads of patience(I got to know about this when I bugged her on what can be used for my untimely acne.) She has genuine goods and she carry a name which is trusted by many people in Korea and abroad. I am not surprised that I really liked talking to her.
My Haul:
Alice was the one who suggested my stuff. She carefully picked up a product out of some 1000's of anti-acne products.She suggested a new launch by the name "Leaders"
You can check the product here
Also a Liptint. I am new to the concept of liptint so,I just started with a natural glossy stick tint from "A'Pieu"
ie A'Pieu Kissable Tint Stick SPF18 (Magic)
You can check it here
Korean SkinCare and Makeup Shopping from w2beauty.com
1. A'Pieu Kissable Tint Stick SPF18/PA+ (Magic)
2. Leaders - Active AC Spot Serum

I was given 3 samples. 3 unique products in their own way.

The cutest was, I was given a candy. You know..the Korean candy..It was a green apple candy. I was all flying when I had it on my tongue,I was happy because it was a Korean made :D apart from that, the taste is quite normal.
Korean SkinCare and Makeup Shopping from w2beauty.com
Probably, my super short post with loads of effects on the two pics. I have never added much of extra stuff to my pictures but this post is an exception.
I already used the two products(Loved them) and I will be writing a formal review in a week or so.
Keep watching this space for more.

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or my sponsor code 18197007 before checking out.

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  1. Actually, that is a green grape candy :P (It's from Lotte brand, if you want to buy it online)
    Have w2beauty in my list of sellers, never bought, but want to.


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