Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup

Hey People,
I was little down today and only thing which could lift up my mood is the color and I wanted to try some eye makeup. Apart from Makeup and jeans, I love music and the Grammys too.
Yeah, Grammys has music,awards and makeup/fashion. So, when I was checking on who wore what this look by Rita Ora grabbed my attention. It was simple yet stunning.
So, I just created a look inspired on her purple smokey eyes.
Please let me know if you like it or if you have any suggestions on this one.
Rita Ora Grammys 2014
My try:

Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup
I have used MUA eye makeup primer, MUA single eye shadow number 31, two neutral shades from Sleek Makeup Storm Palette, Lakme eyeconic kajal, Maybelline double impact mascara, Black eye shadow for the brows
Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup

Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup
With Flash

Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup
All I could notice was a bright and thick purple shadow and very thick eye brows and eye lashes.
Rita Ora Grammys 2014 Inspired Eye Makeup
Apart from that, I feel my eyes look lifeless. May be I should sleep for some more time.
please do leave a comment if you liked it or if you think I should work on something..anything :)

I do not own the celebrity image.


  1. Awww I'm on my purple phase now..
    luks stunning appu ♥♥

  2. IT looks very nice Appu...!! U have done a great job here gurl!!

  3. Lovely attempt Appu and the brows are quite neatly done. Hope it made you happy and pulled you out of your low mood :)

    1. Hey Gagan!
      Haha I was happy after seeing that I was kinda close to the look :D
      Thank you so much

  4. loved the look Appu <3 neat work :)

  5. Wow spring blossoms in ur eyes...pretty cool


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