Recharge Your Hair - Recharge Your Life

Hey people
This post is supposed to be my entry for an ongoing contest on In fact, I started up thinking the same but somehow, I ended up writing more of my personal rantings rather a mere contest entry.
Before I start, let me tell you little about me.
I am basically a working girl (woman, may be. But I still consider myself a girl :D) and I go to work on my bike and most of the days I may have to give a ppt or meet my higher officials regarding the next to-do. I have to deal with few guys who looove talking to me(read flirt) and I even get to face few colleagues who always complain about my nail color, my skintone, my untimely acne, my not so perfect feet and looootttt more.
So, you can imagine my situation. Well, let me explain if you don't.
For me, recharging my life is utterly important than a simple necessity. I want to look (read feel) good always. I mean everyday and every minute.
I am basically a chirpy girl who can't be feeling low or silent anytime.
Yeah, now comes the problem. 
I have thin fine hair and an oily scalp.
Can you imagine ? I shampoo almost daily. I can't simply skip it because my hair is my biggest image builder.
My look of the hair can just make me or simply break me.
I tried to be bold by going out with my semi oily hair but I couldn't just be normal and I always worried about my hair and my face!
Blame the female genes for this obsessed nature. But I can't just help it.
That is when I realized, that recharging my hair by default recharges me..and my life.
I drive with my recharged hair and I need not worry about my hair becoming messy. I can directly go to the work and give the ppt with so much of confidence. I can meet people and greet them with a wide smile (Because I know, I am looking good and the confidence is in my every smile)
As of now, I use my Sunsilk radiant shine shampoo and conditioner and a weekly hair spa which recharges my hair everyday and every time I wash my hair.
With a very good texture in you hair, you can swing your head to the tunes in the DJ party, Dance like crazy in the marriage baarat, Surprise your friends in the midnight with a cake and long drive
It is not really very important to keep your hair neat every time but if you do so, you can never feel that you missing something in your everyday activities.

**Recharge your hair - Recharge your life**

This post was written for the 'RECHARGE YOUR HAIR, RECHARGE YOUR LIFE' contest at Indiblogger in association with Sunsilk

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