DIY-Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth

Hey people,
It is the Sunday and it a time for a DIY which worked for me and I am sure it should work for you too.
This post is short and quick. It focuses only on the recipe and how you prepare it yourself.
I already wrote some DIY(Treating dry hair at home) posts earlier when I created this blog. Click on to read all about Dry Hair,Causes and cures
Protein Hair Mask to Reduce Hairfall and Promote Hair Growth
To know how to make yourself a dry shampoo read here
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you do not need many items but some regular powders that are available in the nearby grocery store.
This was the recipe tried and tested by me and I have seen a visible change in my hair texture and hair growth. It dramatically reduced my hairfall in 6 uses.

Mine is shoulder length hair so, this recipe is meant for this length hair. However, you can change the quantity depending upon your hair length.

Things you need:
1. Patanjali Herbal Mehndi (you can use any herbal henna but not the black henna)
2. Reetha Powder
3. Amla Powder
4. Hibiscus Powder
5. Two Eggs
6. Jaggery 
7. Iron Bowl
8. Curd(if you have Dry hair/Scalp) Click HERE to know your scalp type
Lemon Juice (If you have Oily hair/Scalp) 


1. Soak Jaggery in water for 2 hours.
Start off this in an iron bowl.
2.Take three spoons of all the powders. If you have grey hair, take an extra spoon full of henna.
3. Break the two eggs into this and stir well.
4. Add up two table spoons of curd or Lemon Juice depending upon your hair type.
5. Stir well.
6. Now that the contents are mixed, start adding Jaggery water to the mixture in such a way that the mixture should be creamy.
7. Keep it in a warm place for one whole night.
Apply it the next morning for 2-3 hours and then rinse off.

> Apply oil to your hair the night when you preparing this pack. This doesn't dry out your hair.
> Make sure you use an Iron Bowl.
> Make sure the pack is soaked for at least 6-8 hours before use.
> The quantity to be changed depending on the length of your hair.
> The pack to be used once every week. I could see visible change after the 5th use. so, please be patient.


  1. Very interesting. What can I add instead of eggs in this pack since im a vegetarian?

    1. Hey Dollie.. Eggs are basically used for the rich protein content.. Usually, the protein is high in fish, eggs, diary products. So, you can add up some curd instead.

  2. this sounds great! :) will try it:)

  3. Great DIY....will try for sure :)

    1. hey thanks Charu :)
      Its been so long seeing your comment on my blog :)

  4. Awesome diy .. I've even wanting to use henna on my hair since last few months but was apprehensive about the orange color it would give. I wanted a more burgundy color. Will try this for sure.. Can u suggest a henna which would giv burgundy tinge?

    1. hey usually henna doesnt give orange shade to the normal hair. It turns grey hair to orange. And henna when used with lemon juice and tea gives the natural burgundy tinge to the hair.


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