's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch

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By the title you could have guessed that this is a product review and I felt it has been really long that I kept particular product review pending.

To start off, you know how much I love Korean cosmetics and cosmetic-love has been real generous in sending out their new launches to me. Well, if you are wondering on what they sent me check the package of goodies here

When I saw them, this product just caught my eyes,lips everything lol that is because I could read the name and when it said Makeup Remover Pen, I was excited to try it out as I am super good at applying liquid eye liner. I have tried enough to apply a winged eye liner which I feel impossible without this. I scribble the liner on my eye lid and then clear the mess out to form the wing using this pen.

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The Makeup Remover pen is to my surprise, looked like a jumbo marker with a fat tip. It is made of plastic and is super sturdy. The cap is tight enough to travel with it easily. It is a complete black penpackage with the letters marked on it with white ink which I found really professional and classy.

The whole of the box is printed with so much information but I could only read the ingredients as this is the only section written in English, the rest in Korea and some numbers. 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch
Price and Quantity:
$15.06 for 3 gms.
Yay! It is made in Korea! (see, I could read something lol) 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch
My Take on the product:

Karadium is a brand from South Korea which is famous for their professional range of makeup and skincare products. I have reviewed their hand creams here I already told you that I decided to use it as an eraser on my eye lid. If this has to be considered, the makeup remover pen has done a great job in clearing the eye liner without a trace. I could draw sharp lines with the help of this pen clearing the excess. This pen not only clears the dark eye liner but also takes off the lipstick marks that left near the lips due to bleeding of the lipstick.This helps in applying the lipstick with a brush more easy. 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch
I found this is made of some kind of oil and water because I could see, the watery texture when used and it gets evaporated without leaving traces. The pen like structure makes it super easy to hold. The tip is spongy and not hard at all. It felt real safe to use near the eyes. This smells like some faint medicinal but not strong. 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch
The Swatch:
I know it is lame but you gotta see this. This is transparent and glossy look when applied but within few seconds it gets evaporated. May be I should do a video for reviewing this product in detail and to show how it works in reality. 's Karadium Makeup Remover Pen - Review and Swatch
1. Clears the makeup without leaving any trace.

2. Doesn't dry out the skin.

3. Safe to use near the eyes and lips.
4. I hope it is affordable.
5. Easy to use and travel friendly.

1. Availability.

Final Words:
The only con I find is the availability as it is not available in India but then, exclusively launched these and you can always get this from them. The product gets delivered in 7-10 days from all the way from Korea. Every time, you shop from you will be gifted with free samples and yes..they offer free worldwide shipping any day. Do check them out. I am sure you will never be disappointed.

The product has been sent for review. However my review is unbiased. Please read my disclosure policy

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