3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty Trends that Ruled 2013

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I am back again with my Korean Obsession Post. I have always loved their flawless skin and glowy makeup. Now that I researched on this so much that I can tell you what was a hit and a miss in 2013 in the Korean Makeup. They prefer a natural look which means no loud lipsticks or no extravagant eyes (Okay, please exclude the Kpop girls under this section) KPOP girls are more into flashy eye makeup and not so crazy lipcolors. The lipsticks I have seen them wearing is the soft pinks and corals the most. Apart from very few who prefer wearing bright neons and reds.
Now coming the popular trends that prevailed in the Korean Makeup world for the year 2013 are as follows.
1. Puppy eyes
Yeah yeah.. now you must be wondering what it is all about. We Indians looove dramatic application of kohl or kajal. The winged eyeliner was a popular trend in 80's and now it came back and took us all by storm. We now can not think of anything else but the wing..when it comes to the eye liner. (I am one crazy who is still struggling to get a wing)
Okay, now coming back to the puppy eyes, it is a technique that creates the wing downwards or straight but not angular. It is made slightly thick to enhance the shape of the eye.
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013
source: The Shallow Girl Blog
2. Gradient Lips
This is basically a technique of applying two lip colors of the same color family but with slight difference creating ombre effect. Though this has been in trend for so long but the natural concealed outer corners of the lips and the rest with pink/red/peach lipcolor and then blending them both to create a gradient effect. Seems a bit difficult but it is so very easy but you got to make sure that you use a perfect concealer very close to your skin tone. 
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013
Well, I created this on me a while ago, please check Gradient lips tutorial

3. Super Straight Thick Eye Brows
This I felt the most difficult to create on my face. lol I have a long arched eye brows which I feel impossible to get them straight and thick. Yes, thickness.. I can create with all the eye brow gels and waxes but straight..I can't. But I would love to get them too atleast for once. I am curious to see how I look like.
Anyway, jokes apart!
Koreans believe that the straight eye brows make them look younger and creates an illusion that they have big eyes. I am still doubtful if its real or not but then I tried to find a single girl with thin and arched eye brows and I failed. So, believe it! They looove having thick straight eye brows. Usually they use brown and blackish brown to set their eye brows and not complete black. Few of them dye them to match with their hair color.
3 Popular Korean Makeup and Beauty trends that ruled 2013
These were the most observed trends that ruled the Korean Makeup World(I am itching to note down the trends we saw in India especially Bollywood). 
Let's see what they show us in 2014.
Happy new year guys. 
Stay blessed.
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