Dupe-Fake-Bourjois Lipgloss aka Lip Paint Review,Swatches,On my Lips

Hey ladies
I am seriously not knowing how to start because we usually rave about some particular brand and that particular brand's most raved product that we bought and writing a review here.But you know, this is not a brand I knew before but the package is so perfect that I couldn't miss it.
It costs me a price of a lip balm and I couldn't ask for more. I wanted to try this anyway.Since it is a red, I had to get this(Even though I'm never using this)
This post mostly has pictures and less of my crap.
The packaging is super similar to the Bourjois' lip gloss. Sleek, Stylish and plumpy :P Though the shading pattern resembles the Rimmel Apocalips lip laquers.
Anyway, since a dupe product I am talking about all you can expect is the stupid lame comparisons with the famous products.
The shade number!!! its 11 as if I understand lol
Just wanted to show you how sleek and stylish it is :)
The applicator is a doe foot one which is quite nice unlike the dupe name. The brush is spongy and well behaved with my lips.
The Swatches:
Can you believe it???
This is intense! Super duper pigmented.
A single swipe of a dupe Bourjois Lip Gloss
I have worn it twice in my room. Walked the entire house but never stepped out with it on. This is BOLD.
So Bold that you end up loving yourself or you might just start singing like Rihanna.
On me..Korean Style :P
You know how much I love the gradient lips.

Experience with the product:
As far I as I used it, I loved it to the core. I do not find any ingredient list, I do not find any date of manufacture or expiry.
I just loved the shade and it costed me 210 INR and I am super happy because its red.
I don't know if I want you to get it or not, coz I am really not sure if you guys ever find it any where. This was bought by my friend, who just bought it coz its red and she knows how much I love RED lips.
NEVER used it outside, I just kept it in my collection.

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