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Hey people
I would like to welcome the monday with a haul post :D
Few days ago, I was contacted by the team asking if I would like to shop from them and feel the difference. It is like, we are different, Come check for the proof. Anyway, guys.. I must tell you that I always loved shopping from you and please check my blogpost here
Winter is already making me shiver(yes, we won't shiver until the December starting in Hyderabad).
But these days, I'm experiencing the cold temperatures as low as 14C. Pity us :(
Coming to their website
The website loads super fast usually(depends on your internet speed).What I love about this website is that they have something for everybody. I love the way they suggest you things and the latest arrivals, sale products which makes it easy and lively to navigate.The style videos and the trends gives you that extra knowledge about the latest fashion trends.
Being a beauty blogger,I particularly was interested in checking the cosmetics and beauty related tab. On selection of this tab, we have the option of selecting the brands,what kind of product we want,offers etc.
This makes the website special by having the easy filter options. Once you come to the bottom of the page, you can see more by clicking the show more option.
^^Coming to my haul
Blame this chilly winter nights and super hot mornings in my city. This unsure weather makes my oily skin dry at times or flaky. So, I have decided to invest on skincare rather than the cosmetics. Though I really wanted some lipsticks, I controlled the thirst lol.
I placed the order on Saturday night and I got my stuff on Tuesday. That's fab taking the holiday in between. It means, they took a single day to deliver. How good is that?
I am super happy with their shipping.
I received a big plastic white cover with the letters MYNTRA.COM printed on it. 
The products came in a HUGE box, my mom was scared thinking I might have bought a lot. Kidding, I'm really not sure on why they sent the products in such a big packet. But as long as the products came safe, I'm okay with the dabba.
The box also included the returns form. So, thoughtful.
I have ordered few things. Just the essentials. All the items are bubblewrapped and separate. None of them has been disturbed in the transit. They all reached me safe.
Look at the things I got:
1. Biotique Sun screen lotions - one in Aloevera and the other in Carrot.
2. Lakme after sun facewash.
3. Nivea moisturizing cream.
4. Playboy deos in a set of 3.
I guess I was still in the summer phase when I made this order lol 
A closer look:
As for now, I am really loving the fragrance of "Play it se*y"
A fabulous website to shop from. They always have some or the other discount/sale running. Do check them out.

I was provided with a 1000 INR gift voucher by the Myntra team. for more, read my disclaimer.


  1. Wow Girl you got awesome stuffs :) I Love Myntra

  2. me too love hassle free and fast :)

  3. love myntra...its a great website!

  4. I have known about Myntra , checked it too...nice website :)

    1. Hey Uma.. you gotta shop from them. They have all the original brands and for less price.

  5. Myntra is a nice shopping site! Nice haul.. Looks great!

  6. Replies
    1. i know.. you already shopped from many times kada :)


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