MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12 - Review, Swatches

Hey people
Long time that I reviewed an eye shadow. This one is from the very few single eye shadows I own. This one is from one of my favourite brands based in UK ie the MakeUp Academy aka MUA Cosmetics.  
Speaking about the single eye shadows, I like that concept. It is super compact and mini which can be carried around for a quick touchup. It occupies very less space and it can be easily fit in my jeans. Though this has so many positive notes, not many will ever be carrying the eyeshadows along with them unlike the lipbalms.
Anyway coming to the review,
I have already reviewed a beautiful shade of MUA single eyeshadow in Shade 13 HERE 
I'm sure the swatches tempt you enough to grab them all. I already updated my cart with few of these which are some dupes of the very famous MAC single eye shadows.

MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12
Price and Quantity:
It is priced at 1 Pound for 2gms.
You know the lazy me, please click on the image and start reading lol
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12
The product comes in a round plastic tub. The eye shadow cake is safely put in a metal pan which is fixed to the bottom of the tub. The cap is transparent and dome shaped with the brand name is printed on the top. It is a click lock system. You can hear the click sound when you press the cap gently to the bottom of the tub. It means it's locked.
The overall look is fresh and cute. This dome cap makes it look even cute.
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12
The shade:
The eye shadow shade is pretty difficult to explain.It looks olive green,coppery brown in the tub. But with a closer look, it looks different. With flash still different and when swatched the true color shows up, I can't explain the shade. Let the pictures do the talking.
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12
Up..Close and Personal :P
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12
My take on the product:
I fell in love with this shade. The texture of the eye shadow is creamy and there is no fallout at all. I usually use it to line my upper lash line of my eyes. This way, it can be easily worn to the work and in the day time. The shade is not shimmery but it has that shine. With different lights, it shows up different shades. It looks like a skin color on my eyelid but shines. It can be used with a wet brush to make the color intense for a night party. But I feel it is already intense. This stay on for 4hours on my oily eye lids without creasing. Later on, it starts to fade a little but not goes off completely that too without a primer. The application is easy as it simply glides on the eye lid.
One of my best buys of all the time.
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12 Swatches in natural light

With Flash
MUA Pearl Single Eye Shadow in Shade-12 Swatches with flash
1. Very unique color.
2. Great texture.
3. No shimmers.
4. No fallout.
5. Affordable.
6. Travel Friendly.
7. Cute package.
1. May be the number system. I would have loved it that this beauty has a name.
2. Availabilty.
Please MUA, lauch them in India. Why you no listening? JK, the availabilty is a major issue. Even though this costs 1Pound, this can only be bought with one more 8pounds for the shipping. Indian Customs, you never know when they charge you a bomb.
Final Words:
Very unique shade which I think looks great on all the skintones. Must buy from MUA.

Question to the readers:
Do you own any of these Pearl single Eye shadows from MUA ??
If yes, which one..and what is your fav. shade ?

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