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Whoa... Whoa.. Writing something after a long time.
Where do I start this post from.
This is not a haul post or a review post but a post to celebrate "being a beauty blogger" Hell yeah!
When I got a chance to review some Korean Products, I had to say yes.!
A biiig yes. I love you for this amazing opportunity.
I was smitten by the Korean culture, Korean Skincare, their makeup, KPOP, KDRAMA what not, I recently started my research on their food habits and trying to find a single restaurant that offers some good Korean food. lol
This lady, Jinju was super sweet to me and offered me some new launches on their website.
There is this brand, Karadium Professional.
They offered to send me some goodies for the review. So, I am going to share the pictures. I recently received the package so, please wait for my review. Till then, keep drooling by seeing the cutest packaging.
Shopping Experience with

Notice the package.. Its written cosmetics and value of 10$(though I'm sure is for the sake of customs :P) The best part, it is marked as a gift and blogger.
I felt it as a great honour.
Shopping Experience with
It took a while to read,click pictures and then open the box.
Shopping Experience with
The packaging is amazing and the products are carefully gift wrapped and this airbag provides the required safety from any damage during the transit. The cutest thing I have seen is below. Look at them!!!
Im feeling all that aww aww...!!! :D
Shopping Experience with
These are the products :)
Shopping Experience with
Karadium Make-up Remover Pen
Karadium Hand Cream #1 Peach #2 Cherry Blossom
A closer look
Karadium Professional Makeup Remover Pen
Karadium Professional Hand Creams
I guess, I made many of you J :D and I am dancing like a mad girl.. Because the hand creams smell divine!!!
So, what do you think of this website,

**Samples sent for the review.
For more, read my disclaimer policy.


  1. Awesome. . Gal... tume tumhara korean love mil gaya..will wait for ur review

  2. The website is awesome Appu and you guessed it right gal.....I am JJJJJ :D.
    I am waiting for your review on these superb hand creams and that pen!!

    1. Seriously, the website stocked soo many products .
      and hehe
      As of now, the pen is just great!

  3. Definitely apuu.. :P :P .. the J part is true..:P
    Korean skin care is just fab .. I am looking frwrd for ur reviewss. :)

    1. hehe thank u so much :)
      will review them real soon :):)

  4. oh great!! nice samples you got!!

  5. nice buy, I have shopped from them and I really like products that they have

    1. Im yet to receive the products. :) and Im excited :) :)

  6. great!!
    but the title same as mine??

    1. Hey Sangeetha... Sorry for the steal.. but I already has a post named Love parcel, so wanted to synonym with it.. That's the name :)
      I hope you are okay with it. No offence
      Sorry if it irritated you :(

  7. stuff looks really review this soon!

  8. The handcreams look so prettily designed! I've tried the Karadium cc cream before and it's quite good!

    Hope you enjoy these goodies ^_^

  9. wooow, congrats!!
    The packaging on the hand cremes looks soooo cute, can't wait for the reviews! :-)


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