Hand Creams in Cherry Blossom and Peach-Review,Swatches

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I see too many skincare posts these days and it makes me realize how cold it is out there. Winter makes the skin so lifeless and scaly. I always thought mine was oily skin but then this year winter made me realize that mine is in fact combination skin type. I had my skin getting super dry all the time. I had to take regular oil massages to get rid of the flaking and dry skin. Now I am doing it at home on weekends.
Well, we can work with oil on a holiday but ever wonder what can happen if we go out with it? Creepy eh.
That is when all these body butters,moisturizers came into existance.
Talking about the body lotions, we kind of worry about the arms,fore arms and that's it. Not many take proper care of their fingers or palms. I am pretty sure about this because I am one among those lazy girls who frequently ignore to moisturize the palms.
When I got to know that there are hand creams I was surprised and excited because my fingers are always dry and that make them look masculine err
You all know that I have been sent a gift box by
You can read my post here
Karadium Hand Cream #1 Peach #2 Cherry Blossom
This post is about the review of these beauties.
Price and Quantity:
It is of 40gms and I couldn't find the price of this product as it is not yet launched officially.

Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom
The package:
The package is super cute. I have searched the other Korean hand creams and the package almost resembles the EtudeHouse handcreams. I was given the Cherry Blossom Hand Cream which came in a nice pink metal tube with a plastic black cap.
The Peach hand creams bares  the same package but in silver color.
Each of them look super cute with the floral prints,butterflies and hearts on the cover.
Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom
The Ingredients:
It's all written in Korean and I couldn't understand a word.
Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom
You can see that the opening is locked. We have to tear open the seal.
Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom
Here comes the cream :)
Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom
The Peach Hand Cream:
Similar to the Cherry hand cream, the package is similar.
Karadium Hand Cream in Peach
The tube is sturdy and the cap fits in well to keep any leakage.
Karadium Hand Cream in Peach
My Experience with the product:
The hand creams does the work well. They smell divine. The peach hand cream is just great. It is rich creamy buttery makes me feel that as if I'm pampering my hands. They make my skin around my nail soft and it works well on my cuticles. The handcreams are just alike with the nature but only the smell and texture is different. I carry one to work and one always stays on my bedside table. This way they made me addicted to the use of an hand cream. Actually, I started loving my hands once I apply these creams. I just wished they stayed for a bit long. If I had to wash my hands in between they handcream effect gets washed off too. That is the only con I could find in this.
The Swatch:
The product is white in colour with a gel like consistency.
Karadium Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom

The Peach Hand Cream is light peach in color and thick in consistency.
Karadium Hand Cream in Peach
1. Moisturizing.
2. Non Drying.
3. Makes my cuticles and skin around my nails soft.
4. Makes hands soft.
5. Travel friendly.
6. Cute package.
7. Very nice smell.
1. They only stay on for 3-4 hours. If you try washing hands in between, then the staying power is even low.
Final Words:
Just when I was wanting to cry that these are not available in India, came to the rescue. Get these and start loving the hands even more.

Products were sent by the website for the review. However, my review is honest and unbiased.To know more, read my ~~~~REVIEW POLICY~~~


  1. Omg these look so gorgie *_* give them to meeeeee

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  3. How cute looking!! Nyc review ^_^

  4. nice reviews, I love hand cremes which smells amazing

  5. The packaging is damn pretty! Love it.

  6. Its nice when tube products come with a seal. You know for sure that the product has not been tampered with.

  7. Love the packaging! I love had cream which smells lovely <3


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