Blog Sale - Bracelets and Finger rings-Open till the stock ends *Updated*

This is the second part of the blog sale. Please check the blog sale part 1 here.

1. Please comment with the number or name of the item you want to buy. Once commented, please send an email to to confirm the item.
2. I will share my bank details in the reply email. Only through NEFT the money will be accepted. Please pay the amount within 48hours. I will ship the items as soon as I receive the amount.
3. The most important : shipping is 40 INR for Hyderabad and rest of India it is 50 INR I decided to use Indian Postal Service.
4. What else?? happy shopping.
For further information, please email me.
I have put the things in sections for easy view
******Bracelets and Finger rings******
1. Set of rings. **sold
2. Set of rings.
SP: 30 INR
3. Royal black finger ring. **sold
4. Chunky bangle creme and brown
SP: 30 INR
5. Clay bangle
SP: 20 INR
6. Blue asymmetric bangle
SP: 40 INR
7. Silver cuff
SP: 50 INR
8. Blue Cuff **sold
9.White cuff
SP: 602 INR
A closer look.
10. Set
SP: 80 INR
11. Silver ethnic cuff
SP: 80 INR
12.Random purple bracelet
SP: 30 INR
13. buyincoins bracelet
SP: 100 INR
14. Chain bracelet. ** sold
15.Chunky clay bangle
SP: 30 INR
 side view
please comment below with the product number.
and send an email to

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