Eye Brow Cake from ebay.com - Review, Swatches, EOTD

Hey people..
I am in total high. This festive mood makes me feel alive. The season of festivals, I find it nice to get ready the every other day. You know, lot many relatives and friends visit home than usual and there will be way too many gatherings. Yes, you gotta look special and nice.
When it comes to beauty, I feel the Eyes play a major role. Dressing up the eyes  the Indian way, which means the kajal/kohl and mascara is not really called a perfect festival eyes. 
Now that you got to know what I am going to review,
let me present you my first ever eyebrow cake.
Frankly, I never knew that we can make the eyebrows look thick. After I started writing a blog and started creating eye makeup looks, never I felt that there is any need to make the eye brows thick or give a better shape and look.
I never had an idea if eyebrows' size can ever make any difference to the face or the look.
Check pictures for the ingredient list :D
Price and Quantity:
It is priced at something between 5$ - 6$ for 6gms.
I have bought it some months back from ebay.
The Package:
The packaging is quite sturdy. This is a plastic case with metal tubs placed carefully in the case. It is rectangular and has two tubs. One is of brown shade and the other is black. I guess this made for people with the hair colour light or dark.
The package includes a tiny brush which has thick bristles and has a angular shape. This makes it easy to apply and give shape to the eye brow.
My Experience with the product:
I feel there are many "never"s in this post. Well, frankly I never knew that there is a product just for the eye brows. When I was just going through ebay.com aimlessly, I found this. I bought it with least hope and the main reason is, "I wanted to try".
The product reached me in some 30-40days and first impression was the package. It is just so cute and travel friendly.
Apart from the package, I liked the idea of giving two colors for the brows. Yes, for most of the Indian skintone, the black brow cake would work. But if the brow hair color is light, then the brown one is just perfect.
The pigmentation is just amazing. It stays on for long(read the entire day). Even when you wash your face without soap, the eyebrows still are fuller and neat.
Here I have added the swatches of the both shades and one with the mixture of the both shades.
On me:
1. Good quality(as a beginner, I felt is really good at its work)
2. Staying power is good.

3. Easy to apply.
4. Travel friendly.
5. Affordable.
1.Availability can be an issue.
Final Words:
Well, the pictures says it all. If you are on a lookout for a budget friendly eye brow cake, then this is a must have. If you are naturally blessed with thick eye brows, you can skip it :P


  1. looks like a decent product! wasn't aware such kind of thing exist:)
    Nice review dear!

  2. The product works well appu..ur eyebrow looks full n great after applying

  3. Your eyebrows look great!
    And it was so cheap as well!


  4. Seems to be a great stuff! Does the brush work well?

  5. This looks very useful I need a product like this :)

  6. Nice product .. I am currently using a eyeshadow from my 88 original palette and a clear mascara :)

  7. This is working great Appu :)

  8. Great palette, would love to try it if I can find it :)

  9. seems it works perfect...i too like shopping from eBay ..:)

  10. how do you find such awesome products from ebay...I just keep going around and find nothing :p

  11. Nicely reviewed girl :) Excellent pigmentation and alluring shades - I loved the eye swatches :* <3

  12. Wow! It really works. You found such a fantastic product off ebay :)
    Great review and EOTD <3

  13. wow! i loved this product! Lovely review Appu! :)


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