Blue Ombre Eye Makeup

Hey People
How is it going ? Btw, the Monday is just ended :D just 4 more days for the coveted weekend. yay
Rambling time: lol
I am going crazy. I am experimenting too much these days. The other day, I changed my hair style. Yesterday I have checked upon the very famous Korean style Gradient lips (check the post here)
Today, I have created an eye makeup purely based on blue.
I have never thought of creating an entire eye makeup with a single colour family. 
Well, today I just did it.
I have used some 4 shades of blues to complete the look.
Check what I made with such a cool aqua bold colour.

I have kept it simple without the regular black kohl and mascara. I wanted to keep it BLUE. So, I lined my lower water line and lash line with the MUA eye pencil in blue.
Added the silver white eye shadow as a highlighter and 3 shades of blue ranging from sky blue,ice blue to deep blue.
It is just an experiment and it is not to wear it for work :D
It can be worn to the party if you line your eyes with some deep black kohl and loads of mascara to give this makeup a wearable and not so gaudy look.


  1. You seem to be on the ombre groove these days! Love love love it. The colors really pops out and looks very bright and lovely.

    1. haha.. very true Sugandha :D :)
      thank u so much

  2. this is good, I would have looked more prominent with black lashes instead of blue

    1. hmm.. I wanted to keep it blue all over that I skipped the mascara :)
      Will try with that the next time.

  3. yeah yeah...not for work...lolz :P

  4. Beautiful look !! I love blue eye makeup ..

  5. love d blue shadow..its so chic :)

  6. Wow another blue shade of the day. It looks beautiful, although I have never tried a complete blue look :(

  7. I thought it was blue mascara too. I used to wear blue mascara all the time in my younger years. Great ombre effect! #BSP

  8. Ya blue mascara would be great!

  9. Blue looks so refreshing to eyes :) nice fun look Appu :)

  10. This is looking great Appu. I love blues :)

  11. its so pigmented...
    true i would wear it with some black liner to balance out the color :)

  12. i like the blue but if u pair with black i think it will pop more what u say? #bsp

  13. I love Blue eye makeupp!!
    lovely.. :)

  14. Thats alluring blue shade .. Looks lovely on you :)


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