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June 20th 2013:
My friend Priya got me a DVD. It is a Korean Drama Series named "Boys Over Flowers". My first dialogue was "are you kidding me ?" lol I wish I was a part of the Korean Drama so that I would be able to make out what their dramas meant.
She assured me to watch at least the first 10mins of the first episode and I just watched it for the sake of her.With least interest. 10 mins passed, "Appu..Wake up..!!" yelled Priya.. #$@#$@#$@ I said her "I can't watch these weird serials Pri, I feel sleepy :( " She said, "#$@#$@#$@%^^ ... #$#$%#%#.. Shut up and watch!!!"
After sometime, the boy group F4 appeared. I was killed ! not literally but mentally I was just smitten by their looks and their dressing style.
The rest is history lol I was just went crazy with the serial and literally cried and laughed.. ADDICTED!
During these days, 
One morning.. I was with Kim Hyun Joong(One guy from the F4 group). I was dressed up in a white wedding gown and he was dressed in a tuxedo. I could see my parents and friends having mixed expressions(you know why..). On the other side Kim Hyun Joong's family who were looking super happy. I had my best friends(Pri and few blogger friends) as my bridesmaids. It is the time and I was called out by the priest. Dad took me and I walked super slowly but jumping inside my brain to the podium, where Mr.Kim Hyun Joong was waiting for me. I slowly stood beside him blushing. He smiled at me and we were looking at the priest for the go ahead lol (I was super excited) After much anticipation, I said "I do" only after hearing the same from Kim Hyun Joong. The priest said "you may now kiss the bride" I was juuust waiting for this moment and looked at him I was setting myself for the kiss..and then, someone poked me. I looked back and that's my
mom..saying "Appu..Wake up..!! I wish the dream was true..
This is when I was in the trance of Boys Over Flowers.
After this, I got to watch Playful kiss and Personal Taste. I used to watch it till early hours of the day and sleep later.
This is still continuing and one day we had a client call. That was supposed to be for an hour and due to some issues, it continued for long. My manager was saying, this was done by Apoorva, a new member in my team. The client responded "Well,that's a good optimized approach Apoorva. Keep it up". My manager called out for me on the call and I wasn't responding. I was called twice and then I heard "Appu..Wake up..!!" Said my team mate.
To summarize my craziness.. 
for your reference..  Kim Hyun Joong.. 

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  1. He He. Nice one for the prompt :D

  2. Good take on the prompt...:) As for Mr.Kim Hyun Joong..whole different story!

  3. hahahhaha
    Wake up Appu ;) nice to read


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