Amazing Vegan Home Made Hair Packs to work best for Hairfall

Hey ladies,
How many of you suffering from severe hairfall?
Since two months or so, I am under stress on the work front and crazily losing sleep and hair. When checking for some unique hair packs on line I found few very packs made very unique and claimed to give the best results.
Everybody out there, likes vegetables right ?
And I am specifically talking to all the vegans out there who hate to use egg/yogurt or any other product to their hair.
Well, this one is for you.
Recipe 1:
Take 3 potatoes. Peel the skin off  and grind it well. Take the juice from the mixture using a filter cloth.
Apply this juice by mixing little water to the hair and scalp. Wash it off as usual after half an hour.
This works best when used once a week for a month or two.

Recipe 2:
Take the juice of the garlic and apply it to your scalp.shampoo hair after some 20mins. This will not only clean the scalp, but also promotes hair growth and deals with the hairfall.
Caution: This should be applied only when your scalp is clean and without any allergies/any other skin related infections.
It should be done only twice in a month.

Recipe 3:
Take Coriander Leaves and grind it to fine paste. Take the juice from the paste using a filter cloth and apply it to hair for an hour. Wash it off later. The coriander leaves promotes hair growth.
Tip: you can either use the paste or take juice. Sometimes, fashionable people makes use of human hair extensions to cover up baldness, different types can be checked online here on too
What do you think of these tips?
Do share your valid inputs and let us know if you have any secret remedy for hairfall.

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