VIVO Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pucker Red - Review, Swatches

Hey girls..
I feel like its Tuesday today after the long weekend. I wanted to write something which would interest me and you as well. By now, most of you must be knowing that I am in the RED Lips phase and I am picking up any lipstick which has red written on it or which gives any shade related to red. Call me crazy but I'm loving this new found interest.
This post is a product review post which of course is a lipstick.
I hauled quite a bit when the VIVO Cosmetics had their sale and free shipping.
So, this lipstick is from that bundle. It is called the MATTE LIPSTICK. It has 5 variants ranging from natural to red,coral,pink.
I picked up PUCKER RED which is their only red in the collection.
Vivo cosmetics is known for its affordable yet super quality products came up with the concept of matte lipsticks and I had to pick one :D
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What the website says about the lipstick:
A matte lipstick to give maximum colour with a long lasting formula that glides effortlessly across lips for easy application
The Package:
The lipstick comes in a super sturdy black matte bullet with a silver rim. As you can see, it is not the usual cylindrical.
The Shade and Texture:
As the name says, the lipstick is red. Well, not the blood red but a shade which falls in between pinky red and tomato red(May be, I should say it is a Raspberry shade). The texture is light. The lipstick seems matte but when applied, it moisturises my dry lips and looks shiny. Though the shine fades off in sometime leaving the lips looking matte. I liked this.
My Experience with the product:

The shade is just gorgeous. This particular shade would look great on anybody. The texture is creamy which makes it easier to apply. It doesn't fill the fine lines and not drying. It stays for good 5hours after that it fades off evenly leaving a beautiful tint behind. Though the name says matte, it takes time to turn into that proper matte. I felt the bullet huge which means the lipstick would last really reaaalllyyy loooong. The swatches would give you a clear idea on the exact color.
The Swatches:

I review lipsticks so that I can show off the lip swatches :D :D I looove lip swatches may be because they let you know what colour that particular would impart.
1. Amazing pigmentation.
2. Stays on for long hours.
3. Beautiful shade which is universally flattering.
4. Affordable.
5. Super sturdy.
6. I bet you can never finish this lipstick :D

1. Availability is a major issue.
2. No ingredients list mentioned.
3. The tint which is left may not be liked by everyone.
Final words:
If you are on hunt of a red lipstick, this must be in your kitty.

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  1. Hey dear this colors looks great on you ! haven't tried VIVO cosmetics yet
    <3 <3

  2. Vow Appu lovely shade... looks gorgeous on ur lips :)

  3. Have never heard of this the shade is lovely!

    1. This is an UK brand Rachna.. Almost the same like MUA

  4. Wow gorgeous Red dear, the pigmentation is great :)

  5. It indeed is looking lovely. I told you reds do add glamour to your face Appu. Loved it on your lips. Did you buy from some international online store?

    1. Hey Gagan.. I got this from their online store itself.
      Here is the link.

  6. I have soo many red lipsticks that I had to stop myself from getting this one...however I bought two other shades and I am loving them :)

    1. Whoa.. how is pinky sweety ?
      I loved using it as a lip tint. :) :D

  7. Wow, this one is dangerously glamorous :D

  8. Stunner of a shade <3 .. Looks killer on your lips :)

  9. Its is beautiful red.. loved the finish!! :)

  10. This is a beautiful shade, it's so pretty! *U* <3 Thank you for sharing!

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  11. I don't own any red lipsticks..! I wanna buy one too!!:)

  12. Love the shade! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Love the shade and the finish :) Very pretty lip swatch <3

  14. One hell of a gorgeous shade! Looks super hot on you... :) <3

  15. I haven't tried any Vivo yet. I do get their newsletter, and they seem to have a lot of discounts, but I still have to check them out. Too bad the lipstick isn't really matte... The shade is nice, but nothing spectacular, imho.

    1. Haa..that is true. It is an ordinary shade of pinkish red. I agree with you on the matte texture. I wish it is matte.

  16. I love Reds. Looks great on you!!!


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