Tag : This or That and the Tag continues

Hey girls.. After a really long time, I am writing a tag post.
This is a random tag which is named "This or That".
It is quite interesting tag. I was tagged by my blogging friend, Sandhya of Sandhya's Blog
Thank you so much Sandhya :) :*
and here are my answers for the same.

Blush or Bronzer - BLUSH
Lipgloss or Lipstick - LIPSTICK
Eyeliner or Mascara- MASCARA
Foundation - YES
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadows- COLOUR
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows- PRESSED EYESHADOWS
Brushes or Sponges- BRUSHES

OPI or China Glaze- I own none of them :'(
Long or Short- MEDIUM
Acrylic or Natural- NATURAL
Brights or Darks- BRIGHT
Flower or No Flower- NO FLOWERS(I know, I am not girly :P )

Perfume or Body Splash- PERFUME
Lotion or Body Butter- LOTION
Body wash or Soap- Soap
Lush or other Bath Company- Right now it is the SOULFLOWER.

Jeans or Sweat Pants- JEANS!!
Long sleeves or Short - LONG or SLEEVELESS but not short.
Dresses or skirts- DRESSES
Stripes or Plaids- PLAIDS
Flipflops or Sandals- SANDALS
Scarves or hats- SCARVES
Studs or Dangly earings- STUDS
Necklace or Bracelets- BRACELETS
Heels or Flats- HEELS
Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots - NONE *Hyderabad roads are too tough to walk with these lol *
Jacket Or Hoodie - HOODIE
Forever 21 Or Charlotte Russe - I wanted Forever 21 tops badly now :(

Curly Or Straight - STRAIGHT
Bun Or Ponytail - BUN
Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips - BUTTERFLY CLIPS
Hair Spray Or Gel - HAIR SPRAY
Long Or Short - SHORT
Light Or Dark - DARK
Side Sweep Bangs Or Full Bangs - FULL BANGS
Up Or Down - Down

Rain Or Shine - SHINE
Summer Or Winter - WINTER
Fall Or Spring - FALL
Chocolate Or Vanilla -  CHOCOLATE
East Coast Or West Coast - EAST COAST

Thats it.
I am tagging the below blogs also adding an extra set of questions

Few more random:
Red Lipstick or Pink Lipstick:
Neutral Eyes or Smokey Eyes:
Black or White:
Blue Denims or Coloured Denims:
Shirt or Top :

I am tagging
Anupama of www.beautiliciousanu.com/
Nivi of www.makeupandchitchat.com/
Rakshanda of rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.in/
Richa of www.coralswithblues.com/
Deepika of www.divassence.com
Awungshi of www.drpoisonivy.com/
Jyoti of www.everything-thatmatters.com/
Shivani of www.glamdiaries.com/
Niesha of www.indianbeautyforever.com/
Megha of www.makeupandbeautytreasure.com/
Renji of www.makeupholicworld.com/
Preethi of cutepinksandpurples.blogspot.in/
Srinjla of www.srinjla.com/
Shylu of www.sweetnshy.com/
Radha Krishnakumar of www.indianbeautyzone.com

I know that you guys are super busy but I will be really happy if you continue the TAG.


  1. Loved urban all answers n v r almost same ;) n d last questions I loved dem.

    1. hey sandhya.. thank you so much for the tag :)

  2. Loved reading your answers, such tags do give us some insight into the liking of the blogger writing them. Love those extra questions too, I had fun doing this tag

    1. hey thanks sugandha.. i wanted to tag u too but you already did one..so skipped it :)

  3. thanks for tagging me I'll do mine soon loved reading ur answers

  4. love this tag dear and ur answers too

  5. Lovely tag and lovely answers Appu :)


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