Lotus Herbals Absolute Anti-Tan Gel Review

Hey people..
I don't know if its a good time to write a review about a SunScreen Lotion or an anti tan gel. It is a mixed climate here in Hyderabad,India. At times it is sunny and I plan to wear some light cotton kurti before I leave home but I return home getting drenched because of the heavy rain.
But the truth is, these days I am only interested in writing the lipstick reviews or any makeup related posts and skin care posts have been lagging behind.
This time, I made up my mind to post it anyway. Here it is the review of one of the best matte sunscreens available in the Indian market.
It is from the house of the Lotus Herbals.
It is their Absolute Anti-Tan Gel SAFE SUN PA ++ SPF-30
About the Product:
A unique sunblock crème exclusively formulated to lighten skin and provide a healthy shield against skin tan / darkening caused by Sun’s UVA rays. Protect against all forms of UV damage: Sun Burn, Pre-mature ageing and skin cancer.
What is Broadspectrum?
It is priced at 195 INR for 60gms 
Package :
The product comes in their signature mustard coloured tube with a twist lock. The package is super sturdy if only you close the cap properly.
Lime Blossom and Kiwi extracts- lightening agents.
The back side of the tube also has so much written on it. Please click on the image to read it.
My Experience with the product:
I have been using this for over a month now and I can say that it works. Application has become my daily routine and I am almost running out of the product. I only used it on my face.
The transparent gel gets easily absorbed into skin and only little amount is required to cover the entire face. I guess it has some minty extracts which gives the instant cooling sensation when you apply it. It doesn't make my oily skin dry/oily.
This is gentle and subtle enough to apply daily. I use it and then I apply my regular foundation or compact to finish up my face makeup.
I feel it protects my skin from sun because, I remember that I roamed around in hot sun and yet my skin hasn't tanned.

I was happy about that. I wasn't expecting any skin lightening but when I noticed that it doesn't make the skin dark, I was happy to use it every time.
Though it said that it has lemon and other lightening extracts it didn't lighten my acne marks.
But as a whole, it is a great steal and a must try product.
1. Works as a perfect sunscreen.
2. Non greasy.
3. Suits the best for normal to oily skin.
4. It has other variant for the combination skin.
5. Budget friendly.
6. Easily Available.
7. Sturdy package.
1. I couldn't find any.
Final Words:
I feel it is a must have product, at least for the girls who has oily skin.


  1. Thanks for the writing, I was looking for this product's review :) Sunscreen is evergreen,anytime is an appropriate time to write about it :)
    I am also a blogger, you can visit the blog at www.brideeveryday.com

    Happy blogging :)

    1. hey shailly,,
      thank you... :)
      visiting your blog right away :)

  2. I use it on my arms because it makes my oily combi skin very sticky afterwards :( Nice review :)

    1. hey preeti..
      i have an oily skin and i stay matte for atleast 5hours.. ofcourse i stay indoors.

  3. Nice review Appu. I would love to use it for my hands too, on face I am afraid :)

    1. hmm.. i would advice you to try it on face also.
      I don't think it has any side effects :)

  4. Nice review! Sunscreens always in demand!

    1. oh yeah :)
      I was using the matte range from the same brand but I guess im gonna use this from now.

  5. I love Lotus herblas products especially their skin care range nice review :)

    1. their skincare products are just amazing :)
      i love their sunscreens

  6. sounds great... wud love to try this some day...

  7. Nice review!! I am going to try it for sure as i have oily skin and it gel formula will work good. :)

    1. hey nieshaa..
      it does really work well.
      forget about making u fairer but iit doesnt let u get tan :D

  8. Nice review, though I have dry skin might have to skip it, looks like a good product.

    1. I would suggest this to oily skin people sugandha :)

  9. I have always been a loyal lover of 3 in 1 matte look sunscreen..
    Lovely blog :)

    1. oh yes!
      it is an amazing product. I used it too.

  10. Great Review dear,,,I have a oily skin...Maybe I will give it a try! :)

    1. you must try it out richa :)
      thats an awesome product for oily skin people :)

  11. Great Post! It's very nice to read this info from someone that actually knows what they are talking about.
    Airbrush Tanning NYC


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