MUA MakeUp Academy Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 13 - Review, Swatch

Hey girls,
I recently hauled some stuff from the MakeUp Academy,UK when there was an offer of free shipping. I bought some single eye shadows,an eye shadow palette etc. In this post, I am going to review of the single eye shadows I own.
This particular shade number is 13 from their Pearl finish range.

What the website says about the product: source
Single eyeshadows that are super high pigmented, smooth and easy to apply are the must-have item from MUA. They’re the barga-licious price of just £1 each and they come in 34 amazing shades from brights to natural colours. Create a dramatic look with three or four in one look, or simply sweep one across the eye for a wash of colour. Omg, we just love these eyeshadows! You could even use some of them as blushers! The looks you could create are endless… go on, collect them all!
Karla Powell, our head of Makeup Artistry says her favourites are Shades 1, 9 and 27 – she can’t get enough of them!

Price and Quantity:
It is priced at £1.00 for 2gms
The product comes in a sturdy black plastic round case with a transparent lid. This has a click lock so the product stays intact even when you carry it around.

The shade and texture:
The shade is a dark purple/violet shade. This is just too beautiful to look at. It has very tiny black and silver shimmers which doesn't disturb the finish.
The texture is creamy and nice. When I was trying to swatch it, the eye shadow settled in my finger lines. It is superbly pigmented and just a swipe of it would impart the required pigmentation. However, you can build it up for an intense colour.
On my finger:
My Experience with the product:
The MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in shade number 13 is instant love for me. The colour is just so good for everyday wear. You can build it up for an evening look. I wear it like a thick eye liner on my upper eye lid. I use an eye shadow applicator brush to get the thick line. The creamy texture makes the eye shadow easy to blend and even more easy to apply. The shimmers just right for the pearly finish not less and not more. You can easily create smokey eye look with this. The packaging is super cute and I love the way it fits into my tiny storage box. The only con I would find with the product is the staying power. It stays on intact for 4hours with a good base else 3hours. Later on, it smudges away leaving slight traces of the colour. It doesn’t stain the eye lids. It is easy to take it off. I use Vaseline petroleum jelly for cleaning my eye makeup. It is just a must have from MUA.

1. Beautiful purple colour and amazing colour pay off.
2. Superb pigmentation and creamy texture makes it easy to apply.
3. Stays on for good 4 hours.
4. Doesn't leave traces
5. Shimmers are not too shimmery.
6. Cute and sturdy packaging.
2.Tempting me to so much to buy all the 34 shades available ;-)
Final Words:
This is just a must have. This particular shade is a web exclusive so go ahead and shop for it before it gets out of stock. This colour would complement any kind of skin tone. Just apply a good base and you are ready to rock the colour.


  1. It is sucha gorgeous pearly purple shade.. wish MUA were easily avialble in India..!!

    1. yeah.. thats the same feeling I have :(
      Jabong sells it! though for very huge prices :/

  2. I bought it a couple of weeks the texture and the color :)

  3. that is such a pretty shade. gotta grab it.

    1. You should try it sugandha.. Im sure you gonna love it :)

  4. prettty shade.. these r osm e/s

    1. yeah nids :) they have amazing pigmentation.

  5. That's a gorgeous shade.. I am adding it to my order list :)

    1. haaha :) im sure you will love it Raji :)

  6. Its an alluring shade <3 Loved the pigmentation part too :)

  7. i love this shaDe will surely get it some Day....

    1. do get it natasha :) im sure you will not be disappointed


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