Safety measures to protect yourself from criminals - Women's Safety

hey girls
This is not a product review or a beauty related post. But it is an informative post to keep you prepared with the recent unfortunate incidents happened in the country.
After all the arrests/court cases we here,still struggle for the freedom to dress,behave etc.
Don't you think we are too unsafe in the country.
Everybody is ready to blame the government and the leaders/police but my opinion is to fight against it.
Be prepared to face the criminal.
You are and you will be alone when the criminal attacks and you should be in a position to defend yourself.
Let the people blame the government but I just wish that you should never feel sorry/regret of what could have been done to stop it right there.
Here I present you few safety measures and quick tips to escape before the situation goes out of hand.

Review of the Tapered Blending Eye Shadow Make Up Brush from

Hey people
You know I am a naive in the eye makeup section. After my first ever eye makeup look here
Check the proofs here here and here 
I know I am missing the creativity part but I thought, that was the only thing people need to become a pro at eye makeup.
*Would you mind checking what I learnt from my eye makeup ?? then read my 10 lessons here*
I was proved wrong with this new love of mine.  I knew the eye shadows and the creativity plays a major role in getting a perfect eye makeup. But never knew that the brushes have a prominent role in getting it right.
Right use of the brushes makes a great difference in the outcome. I had few brushes which are said to be eye shadow applicator brushes. But, somehow I wanted something else just to make the colours blend well. After so much of searching, I got to know that the brush I wanted was a blending brush or simply a fluffy brush.
I saw these brushes are pretty costly which convinced that the eye makeup is just incomplete without this brush. So, I got this blending brush from my ever favourite (I am still a beginner in eye makeup and I don’t want to spend so much on something I’m not good at).
The brush reached me in 10days including the holidays. *Happy Dance*

Lass Naturals Goat Milk With Shea Butter Soap Review

Hey People
I always have a very good impression on anything that is handmade and natural. I started using the handmade soaps and those were my instant love(though few were like eww) but the others were really nice to my skin.
Coming to my skin type, I have an oily face and combination type body. My body gets dry easily and I need to live on moisturiser for the entire day. So for me, the main expectatation from a soap would be providing the adequate moisture and not making my skin dry.
When I knew this is the situation I started up looking for soaps which can satisfy me in this area.
I heard about the Lass Cosmetics brand through some online shopping site and I grabbed few products from them which worked great for me.
I wanted to try their hand made soaps also; I started off with this one.
The Goat Milk With Shea Butter Soap.
Read on to know more about the product and my experience.
Price and Quanitity:
It costs 65 INR for 125gm / 4.4oz

Burts Bee Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter Review

Hey people
I am a girl and that includes me biting the lips when in tension and lick whenever I find them a bit dry. As a result, I've always had dry chapped lips. In a quest to find my perfect lipbalm I kept trying out all the available lipbalms. Through some random searches I got to know this brand called "Burt's Bees". It is famous for all natural and organic products,100% chemical free. At one point, I was literally dieing to try this out and searched each and every international website for this, came to my rescue. The best part about this website is that, it offers free international shipping.
I am going to review the Burts Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter

I have already reviewed the lip shimmer from Burt's Bees HERE
Price and Quantity:
£3.50 for 4.25gms

Day 6 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey Girls
As a part of the 30 day challenge I have chosen my first ever coral lip gloss to swatch. It is the Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Captivating Coral.
This is by far my favourite lip gloss and I have been using it every now and then. I loved the light texture of it. And people say it is well pigmented But I feel its pigmentation is not great.
About the Shade:
This is one of the beautiful coral lip gloss I've ever seen and tried. It suits my dusky complexion so well. It might completely cover up my pigmentation with multiple swipes.
Enjoy the swatches.

Swatches of 6 Nude Lip Sticks/Lip Gloss for Indian (Dusky) Skin Tones From My Collection

Hey Girls..
There is a reason behind posting this. When I started with the lipsticks, all I could search/buy is a nude lipstick so that it wouldn't make my lips standout and grab that unnecessary attention. So, I bought few lippies which would just cover up my pigmentation on lips. But now, I have changed and my approach towards the lipsticks changed too. I am more into bright colors now and I guess I am going to be this way for some more months :D
Okay, coming to the post.
Here are the swatches of the nude lipsticks which would suit the best for Dusky Indian Skin tones.

Day 5 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey girls..
I am a bit slow in posting these series but I determined to do this now. *I will do this everyday* I just hope this sentence inspires me in posting and completing the series.
Well,coming to the today's choice: I chose a basic lipstick.
Probably a first lipstick for most of you. I bought it recently just to try out.
It is the Roasty Red lipstick from the house of ELLE 18.
About the shade:
This is a red falls in between the coral/brick red shade. The shade is lovely. The pigmentation is ok.

MUA MakeUp Academy Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 13 - Review, Swatch

Hey girls,
I recently hauled some stuff from the MakeUp Academy,UK when there was an offer of free shipping. I bought some single eye shadows,an eye shadow palette etc. In this post, I am going to review of the single eye shadows I own.
This particular shade number is 13 from their Pearl finish range.

What the website says about the product: source
Single eyeshadows that are super high pigmented, smooth and easy to apply are the must-have item from MUA. They’re the barga-licious price of just £1 each and they come in 34 amazing shades from brights to natural colours. Create a dramatic look with three or four in one look, or simply sweep one across the eye for a wash of colour. Omg, we just love these eyeshadows! You could even use some of them as blushers! The looks you could create are endless… go on, collect them all!
Karla Powell, our head of Makeup Artistry says her favourites are Shades 1, 9 and 27 – she can’t get enough of them!

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream Review And Swatch

Hey girls,
Probably I am the last person to review this product. “Better late than never” okay, I’m motivating myself. Guess this is enough for me to start writing the review. I bought this BB cream when the whole of Indian market is taken down by BB cream storm. After trying out the Korean BB cream, I couldn’t wait to have the Indian version of the same. But, something was missing in the Indian BB creams. While digging out the reasons for the little failures, I am going to review the product for you.
I am reviewing the BB Cream from POND’S.

It came out with real high expectations (well, remember their white beauty range ?)

Day 4 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey girlies
I'm sorry that I haven't posted my lip swatches for this long. I was affected with some allergy on my lips and that's couldn't do the challenge. However, I have found a different way of coping up with the challenge and my daily routine.
I have decided to post the lip swatches for 30 days anyway. It may not be daily(I will try my best to post them daily) but I will make sure that I post the lip swatches for 30 days :-)
I just hope you guys don't mind that :)
for my fourth day challenge,
I have chosen my current favourite lip crayon from VIVO Cosmetics to dress up my lips on day 4.
About the lipcrayon:
The name is A Thing Called Love.
This lip crayon gives nice pink glossy finish to my pigmented lips. This soothes the dry lips instantly with a mint flavour and it doesnt settle in the fine lines. After fading away, it leaves a nice pink tint.
Read the detailed review of the VIVO Cosmetics Lip crayon here
The swatches:

Azafran Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Red Onion Review

Hey people
After a super long break I am here to post a review about a product which has not one but many uses. I am going to write the review of olive oil from a new brand Azafran. I bought this from my recent tryortrade haul. 

You can check that haul post here.
What the company claim about the product:
Our quickest picked up product in infusies; you will never taste roasted red onions better!
Fresh, juicy handpicked red onions are char-grilled and infused in organic E.V Greek oil for days together to create a mouth-watering aroma and taste of barbequed onions to flavor any dish of your choice. Simple ingredients, mind-blowing taste! It adds a beautiful aroma to your dish and astonish you with its great flavour.

As beautiful As Your Work - My Contest Entry for Mia by Tanishq bloggers contest

Hey people
ever wondered that the girl out there whom you see at work every day is beautiful?
Well, I always thought of it. But never tried expressing that. So, here I come with my entry for a bloggers contest. It is more like expressing my admiration and gratitude towards this lady rather a mere contest.
I respect this woman (only next to my mom :D)
This woman is Sunitha. I happened to know her through my sister. She is her friend's mother. I had a chance to meet her on a birthday party.
Coming to the reasons why I like her,she dresses up fashionably. She wears the kurti/saree to a client meeting. But when it comes to the family outing with kids, she is seen in the casual outfit. Short hair she has and a dusky beauty. Her face just glows with the self confidence.   
Personal Stuff:
She is a mother of two children. She had to marry when she is pretty young. She married a guy whom she loved. Okay, what's so great in it is the question, right? How many of you will still marry a guy who is physically ill. Yeah, he has a problem in his left leg which makes things difficult for him. The best part, she doesn't consider that as a sacrifice but she is proud of him. 
Professional Information:
She is an MBA graduate from a prestigious university. She worked as an employee for an MNC for few years and later she started up her own software company. She is an HR in the same company. The company is 5 years old and running super successfully. No, she made it run that way.
She balances the office and home beautifully.  She never backed down. She tried her best at everything. Nothing came easy to her starting from her career, her marriage, her company. She took them as challenges and finally now a winner. Nobody supported her except her husband. She could do everything she started and aimed at. Thanks to her strong will power.
This is just a small message from me to say her that "Aunty, you rock!!"
Sorry, that I am unable to upload a picture of her (she will not like it).

I know every girl's first love is her mother. I admit that too.
I have two very important women in my life. They are my mother and sister. Apart from them, I see the Mia women everywhere around me. I feel every girl is precious and beautiful in their own way.
I would like to thank tanishq for giving me this brilliant opportunity to put forth my thoughts.
Please do check the TVC created by Tanishq for all the beautiful women out there.
This is an article written for the Tanishq's blogger's contest.

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Day 3 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey people..
First of all, sorry for the late night post but I got a bit of time just now :(
For today's post
I chose the brand,Colorbar Cosmetics yet again. (check the other Colorbar Lipstick Swatch here)
About the lipstick:
I was gifted this particular lippie (thank you so much my angel)
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Over The Top is the lipstick I have chosen to swatch.
Here are the swatches:
I have tried to pose a bit :D unlike the only lip pictures. So, bare with me :)

Day 2 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey people, you all know that I took up a 30 day lip swatch challenge.
Check day 1 here
Today, My lips are dressed in one of my favourite lipstick brand, Colorbar Cosmetics.
About the Shade:
I have chose the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Pretty Please. It is a bright coral shade and it suits anybody with dusky to fair skin tone.
Check the swatches below :)

Day 1 - The 30 Day Lip Swatch Challenge

Hey people..
To make the beauty blogging little more interesting, I have come up with the concept of a 30 day lip swatch challenge.
I am already a part of a weekly eye makeup challenge.
I am starting off today with the lip swatch with a pretty RED.
These days I am obsessed with the red lipstick or anything related red. I want everything that belongs to the colour red.
So, here I am with my Day 1 of the challenge.
I have used the Lakme Enrich Lipstick in 427.
About the lipstick:
This is a lipstick from the Red and maroon family of the Lakme Enrich Range.
Here are the swatches:

Week 1 of The Weekly Eye Makeup Challenge

Hey Girls,I was one among those eye makeup enthusiasts who just go gaga over any eye makeup look.
I work full time still interested in doing an eye makeup every week, me along with few other blogger friends decided to do a challenge sort of thing. The challenge is to create an eye makeup every week.
Here is what I created for the week 1 challenge
I did a random look

MUA MakeUp Academy Blusher - Shade 3 Review,Swatches,FOTD

Hey people
Happy Friendship Day to all my new friends I met in this blogger world. Thanks to all those who supported me till date and I am glad that I met few very nice people.
I somehow wanted to write a post today and showcase my face (Its been so many days that I clicked myself) so, here I am with a FOTD.
I always admired the way a blush can impart some healthy glow to the cheeks. I wanted to try it out on my huge cheeks too. But never it worked as I'm naive in this field.
But with loads of courage and confidence, I put my face with my blush 
*request you to comment/suggest me on my baby step towards the blush*
I am going to review the basic blusher from my very favourite brand, MUA Cosmetics.
After so much of struggle, I picked up this shade number 3.
What the website says about the product: source
Part of our amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you the most! Although to be honest with you, at £1 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own all six! Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!
Price and Quanity:
It is costs £1.00 for 2.4 gms