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Hey people..
I have been wanting to write about some of my recent shopping experiences and share some haul posts. But I am unable to do that. But as of now, please welcome a new online shopping website
This website is unique in its own way.
Check their about section: It says- is a platform that helps consumers discover new and exciting products through samples. Products like Gourmet Teas, Delicious Nutrition Bars/Breakfast cereals and Revitalizing Cosmetics.
Isn't it cool?
I wanted to try out their choice of products. Me along with a friend ordered some products (actually, samples).
Check what I got from them.
I have placed a pre paid order on 15th July 2013. Their shipping policy is proportional to the number of products you buy.
The standard shipping is 30INR for 3 products and with the increase of one product, your shipping charge increases by 3 INR. Interesting right ;)
We have ordered the below stuff.
And please note down the dates. They could have shipped a bit earlier.For a day or two I thought I was fooled by some new website.Because, by the time I was placing the order there were no reviews anywhere regarding this website.
Finally, when I got the order,
the products being
I was pretty excited to see them.I was wanting the extra virgin oil and I heard onion oil is good for hair. So, I am going to try out this the first.
Also the seabuck facepack. This is a tiny tub. I guess this comes for hardly 3 uses. This is in my hitlist to try.
I also ordered the anti ageing facemask for my mom and the other things for me. I can never get tired of face masks and scrubs.
This monsoon, my skin is behaving weird. There are lots of rains and the next day there is hell loads of dust which is making my skin dirty as soon as I get out of my home. So, this is the new treatment I am going to start. Weekly once, I get the oil massage done to my body and take shower with ubtan.My home made ubtan is almost completed so,ordered these :)
Okay, the last pic is to show that I already used it once :D

I will get back on the detailed reviews in few days. Till then, check their website if you wanted to try something before you buy the full size products.

A small note:
I am covered on ISLM and here is the link: Check for my super fast introduction and likes and dislikes.


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  1. wowww, thnx 4 the post, such affordable price me olive oil, cool, m checking jusss nowww

    1. hey manya..
      Very true.. The oils came out very cheap from them :)

  2. Great!! I really want to try the now. Thanks for sharing this Appu!:)

  3. Thanks for sharing Appu. Selling samples. wow!!! Will definitely check. Also wil get virgin oil n specially onion oil. I heard that onion does wonders in preventing hair fall and improves hair growth. :D

  4. OMG!!
    I just discovered this post ..thankgod for every reason
    it is going to be helpful!!!

  5. wow....thats an awesome many stuffs..i m waitign for review of that oil...:)

  6. Thanks for sharing :) Superb haul :)

  7. This shopping site looks great and lovely products ... Would like to know about the olive oil :)


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